Watch NIKKOR’s Very Special 80th Anniversary Video


The Nikkor brand was introduced in 1932, a westernised rendering of an earlier version Nikko, an abbreviation of the company’s original full name (Nikko coincidentally means “sunlight”).

Original Nikkor logo

Nikko parent company brand, from which the Nikkor brand evolved

I am grateful to Robert Rotoloni of the Nikon Historical Society for the following shot – a rare and tantalising glimpse of lens assembly at the Nippon Kogaku factory circa 1951. The technician is assembling and checking a 50mm f/1.4 screw mount Nikkor lens. How far they have come from those far-off days!


Lens assembly at the Nippon Kogaku factory circa 1951.

Excerpted from p5 of Nikon Owner magazine, Issue XLI



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