Nikon launches “The Movement” – a series of short films that sees nine inspiring creators from across Europe come together to share their vision and purpose, using the new Z 8 as their artistic tool.

The creators, all from very different backgrounds but with a common passion for image making, were tasked with putting the Z 8 to the test, using the camera to bring their creative visions to life. Embarking on a bus trip along the west coast of Spain, each were given the opportunity to learn from one another whilst creating a series of images that tell the stories they want to share with the world.

The Nikon creators include wedding and fine art photographer, Frøydis Geithus, and filmmaker and director, Aurelie Gonin, whose short films are the first of the series to be released. Fine art and fashion photographer, Mous Lamrabat, documentary photographer, Esther Horvath, content creator and photographer, Wonguy, landscape photographer, Mikko Lagerstedt, and Directors and DOP team, Keziah Quarcoo and Cara Brown, joined them. Nikon Ambassador and award-winning photographer turned filmmaker Pep Bonet took on the role as storyteller, not only creating his own content, but also documenting their journey from behind the scenes.

The first of the short films features Frøydis Geithus, a photographer who is renowned for her mysterious and alternative take on wedding photography, personifying nature within her artwork. Her film explains how she used the Z 8 to channel her innate purpose and depict the abstract concept of love through wedding photography, working alongside the elements to encapsulate her ‘Nordic Noir’ style.

Meanwhile, Aurelie’s episode documents how she skilfully transforms the great outdoors into her creative playground. Aurelie recounts how she managed the pressure of setting up and capturing that “one chance” shot while rock climbing, with the Z 8. The films allow the viewer a glimpse into the inner thoughts of both photographers, and the challenges – both technical and personal – that has led them to where they are today.

The remaining episodes from “The Movement” will gradually be released over the course of the next few weeks, where viewers will be able to delve into a series of diverse and enticing topics, from fashion, to science, music videography and more.

Heidi Jales, Manager Marketing Communications at Nikon says: “We are delighted to launch “The Movement”, a series of films that not only allows us to showcase the beauty of these creators’ extraordinary work, but also highlights the profound effect it has on the world – both big and small. Our mission was to tell the moving, personal stories they each harbour, integrating the power of image-making storylines. We wanted to show how the creators are pushing themselves for self-improvement and why they want to tell the stories that they’re telling, and we are thrilled that the Z 8 is able to play such a significant role in bringing these unique, creative visions to life.”

Nikon’s limited series has been released in line with the launch of the new camera, the Z 8. The Z 8 makes for a powerful and agile addition to Nikon’s range of professional Z series mirrorless cameras. With its incredible blend of class-leading performance and compact build, the Z 8 packs a host of Z 9 features into a lightweight body, giving hybrid video/stills creators astounding flexibility with which to bring their vision to life.

The first two episodes are now available to view on Nikon’s YouTube channel. The remaining six episodes will come out weekly starting from next week.

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Nikon adds the powerful and agile Z 8 to its range of professional Z-series mirrorless cameras. Packing a host of Z 9 features into a lightweight body, the all-new Z 8 gives hybrid video/stills creators astounding flexibility with which to bring their vision to life.


With its incredible blend of class-leading performance and compact build, the Z 8 is an exciting follow-up to the Z 9 and a true creative successor to the D850. Weighing just 910 g (approx.), the Z 8 body is 30 % smaller than the Z 9 and 15 % smaller than the D850. It’s the perfect hybrid camera for creators who want a lighter body for shooting handheld or a full-frame camera that will balance perfectly on any rig, including most gimbals.

A veritable video and stills powerhouse, the Z 8’s 45.7 megapixel stills resolution and 8.3K native video resolution open so many possibilities. The same stacked CMOS sensor and EXPEED 7 processor as the Z 9 ensure spectacular image quality straight out of the camera, giving creators maximum flexibility to adjust to any workflow. Video can be recorded in an array of frame rates and codecs, including in-camera 12-bit RAW for video up to 8.3K/60p or 4.1K/120p. Stills shooters can work with an array of file sizes and burst speeds, including an astounding 120 fps. For HDR content creators, the camera records 10-bit HEIF stills and 10-bit HLG video.

The smaller, lighter body doesn’t sacrifice reliability: the Z 8 boasts pro-grade weather sealing, and the same cold tolerance as Nikon’s flagship D6 and Z 9 cameras, ensuring reliable performance in low temperatures. The Z 8 is also the first Nikon mirrorless camera to feature two USB-C ports, which makes it possible to transfer files quickly while charging. Beyond the camera, there’s a NIKKOR Z lens for every idea and budget, and partner accessories from gimbals to mics and more.

Sales start: 25th May 2023

RRPs: Z 8 Body – £3,999 (€4,799 ROI)

You can pre-order the Z 8 now from Grays of Westminster


Summary of key features: Z 8

Video: records pristine 8K or 4K video and boasts numerous space-saving, time-saving features. Users can shoot 12-bit RAW footage in-camera and work with Nikon’s N-RAW files, which are half the size of a ProRes RAW HQ file. In-camera Full-HD proxy files are created when shooting internal 8.3K N-RAW or 4.1K ProRes RAW HQ.

Stills: captures exquisite 45.7 MP stills with stunning dynamic range, and boasts flexible burst speeds up to an insanely fast 120 fps with full AF/AE and no viewfinder blackout. Dedicated portrait features let photographers fine-tune hue and brightness, or soften the look of skin.

Stacked 45.7 MP full-frame CMOS sensor: designed by Nikon to deliver ultra-high-resolution image quality Achieves the world’s fastest scanning speed, which combines with the electronic shutter to virtually eliminate rolling shutter distortion.1

EXPEED 7: powers the camera’s lightning-fast focusing, smooth video, and high burst speeds. Handles complex AF and AE calculations at unprecedented speed, and separately processes dual-streamed data from the stacked image sensor.

Deep-learning AF: precision detection and tracking for people, dogs, cats, birds, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, trains, and planes. Subject detection and AF work down to -9 EV for video and stills. Eyes stay in focus, even if a subject is moving fast and upside down. Faces will be in sharp focus even if the scene is strongly backlit.

Real-live viewfinder and tilting monitor: smooth blackout-free viewfinder thanks to dual-stream technology. Bright, 4-axis tilting touchscreen monitor.

HDR content ready: shoots 10-bit HEIF stills and 10-bit HLG video. Content is instantly viewable on HDR screens, no editing necessary.

Two USB-C ports and dual card slots: separate USB power and communication terminals for quick transfers while charging. Dual card slots for flexible shooting and storage.

Handling: deep, comfortable grip. Separate display interfaces for video and stills. Menus rotate if shooting vertically.

Light and tough: weighs just 910 g (approx.), and high-performance weather sealing keeps out dust, dirt, and moisture.The same cold tolerance as Nikon’s flagship D6 and Z 9 cameras means you can shoot reliably in temperatures down to -10°C/14°F.

Optional vertical battery grip: Nikon’s new Power Battery Pack MB-N12 can be used as a grip for vertical shooting, or to counterbalance telephoto lenses, as well as for extended all-day shooting.


1 Among mirrorless cameras incorporating an image sensor with 30 megapixels or larger as of May 2023, based on Nikon research.

2 The camera is not guaranteed to be dust- and drip-resistant in all situations and under all conditions.

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Nikon introduces the first Z series power zoom lens

Nikon introduces the first Z series power zoom lens: the ultra-wide-angle NIKKOR Z DX 12-28mm f/3.5-5.6 PZ VR. Compact and well-balanced, this DX-format power zoom lens is optimised for video and is great for nailing creative snapshots, too. The versatile zoom range makes it perfect for DX camera users who want a lightweight zoom lens wide enough to vlog with.

With its expansive 12-28 mm focal-length range, this power zoom lens is perfect for vloggers, movie makers and photographers who want to fit the whole scene in or fit themselves into the frame. The power zoom function allows the zoom to be controlled remotely, which is ideal for people shooting their own vlogs or using a gimbal to capture video. Users don’t have to touch the lens at all when zooming, and they can choose from 11 different zoom speeds to match every shade of creative intent, from building an atmosphere with a slow zoom to quickly zooming in to the reaction on someone’s face.

This travel-friendly lens weighs just 205 g, which makes it easy to carry and light enough for most gimbals. The lens barrel doesn’t get longer or shorter when focusing or zooming, enabling optimal balance when shooting handheld, and there’s no need to re-balance a gimbal after zooming. In-lens Vibration Reduction ensures clear, blur-free shots whether walking and talking while filming or panning handheld. And a minimum focus distance of just 0.19 m delivers sharp results when shooting up close to a subject: perfect for getting creative with wide angles!

Zurab Kiknadze, Product Manager, Nikon Europe, says: “Our new ultra-wide-angle DX lens is a great chance for budding vloggers and videographers to widen their vision and zoom in on new angles. The power zoom makes it super easy to frame shots on the go, and it’s a brilliant way to experiment with adding creative zoom techniques to your footage.”

For cameras: Z 30, Z 50 & Z fc
(Also compatible with full-frame Z cameras with cropped image area)

Sales Start: May 2023

Price: £379

Pre-order from Grays of Westminster

Watch their announcement video on YouTube here:


Summary of key features: NIKKOR Z DX 12-28mm f/3.5-5.6 PZ VR

Dynamic 12-28 mm focal length range: covers an ultra-wide to wide angle of view. Brilliant for capturing sweeping ultra-wide views that draw an audience in or for creating a sense of space when shooting in cramped indoor locations.

Power zoom: covers the entire 12-28 mm range in a smooth 36 seconds, or the same range in just over half a second! 11 different settings give precise control over the zoom speed.

Zoom without touching the lens: control the zoom via assignable camera buttons, or remotely via the Nikon ML-L7 remote control or SnapBridge app.

Sharp up close: a minimum focus distance of just 0.19 m delivers sharp results with the camera just 19 cm away from a subject.

Super lightweight: weighing just 205 g this lens is easy to carry and light enough for most gimbals.

Well balanced: an internal zoom and focusing mechanism means the lens barrel does not move and the lens’ centre of gravity remains stable, for optimal balance whether shooting handheld or with a gimbal.

Rock steady: up to 4.5 stops1 of in-lens Vibration Reduction (VR) for clear, blur-free shots. Normal and Sports VR modes on the camera optimise for static or active subjects.

Silent control ring: the clickless, customisable control ring is great for shooting video. It can be used to create fluid aperture transitions, tweak ISO, and more.

Protected: the lens barrel and all moving parts are sealed to protect from dust and water droplets.2

Filter ready: compatible with 67 mm filters, which can be used and swapped out while the Nikon HB-112 lens hood is still attached to the lens.


1Based on CIPA Standards; this value is achieved when attached to an APS-C size/DX-format camera with the camera’s VR function set to “NORMAL” and the zoom set to the maximum telephoto position.

2 The lens is not guaranteed to be dust- and drip-resistant in all situations and under all conditions.

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Nikon Owner Magazine Issue 78


By Gillian Greenwood
Nigel A. Ball talks to Gillian Greenwood about his latest photographic project, which is dedicated to monitoring and documenting the life-cycle and behaviour of butterflies, ultimately to ensure their conservation.

By Simon Stafford
Simon Stafford reviews the latest addition to the ever-growing arsenal of lenses for the Nikon Z System.

By Heather Angel
Heather Angel travels to Harbin, the capital city of Heilongjiang, in the north-east province of China, to photograph their world-famous annual Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival.

By Becky Danese
Becky Danese was invited to view the exhibitions and interview some of the commended and winning photographers who have made Nikon their tool of choice.

By Andrew Main Wilson
Born-to-roam Andrew Main Wilson has over the years pushed past boundaries of all kinds to complete his quest to photograph every single country on earth.

By Gillian Greenwood
Gillian Greenwood looks at the different ways the storyline behind a landscape can change and discusses the subject with Graham Eaton, whose image, The Sacred Garden, was the winning photograph in the Landscape Photographer of the Year Competition for 2022 in the Coastal Category.

Words by Gray Levett
I-Robot master photographer Tony Hurst creates a unique image of Nikon’s 1988 flagship model, the Nikon F4, a camera that was a huge technological jump ahead of its time for the period.

Words by Gray Levett
Peter Gabriel, a founder member and the lead singer for the Prog Rock band Genesis, created some remarkable and striking stage personas. He is captured live in concert by Michael Putland.

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Today Nikon is thrilled to announce that it has been successful across three categories at this year’s TIPA World Awards. The first product to take home gold was the Z 30, which was crowned the ‘Best APS-C Vlogger Camera’. In the lens categories, the NIKKOR Z 600mm f/4 TC VR S was the winner of the ‘Best Supertelephoto Prime Lens’ award, while the NIKKOR Z 85mm f/1.2 S collected the award for ‘Best Portrait Lens’. The three awards demonstrate Nikon’s continued commitment to producing innovative equipment that enables photographers to push the limits of what is possible both creatively and technically.

The TIPA jury praised Nikon for quickly responding to the ever-growing interest in vlogging and live streaming by introducing the Z 30, which is positioned as the perfect next step for content creators transitioning from compact cameras and smartphones. Meanwhile, the jury was particularly impressed with the NIKKOR Z 600mm f/4 TC VR S, which was described as ‘a dream lens for wildlife photographers’. The NIKKOR Z 85mm f/1.2 S was successful due to impressive features such as its ultra-fast maximum aperture, beautiful bokeh, and precise autofocus.

TIPA comments on the Nikon Z 30, winner of the ‘Best APS-C Vlogger Camera’ award

TIPA editors note how Nikon has quickly responded to the ever-growing vlogging and live stream activities of content creators by introducing a solution that offers greater creativity and more recording options and represents a step up from compact cameras and smartphones. The Nikon Z 30 offers 4K video at 30p, slo-mo options of 1080 video up to 120 fps, a fully articulating 3-inch monitor and a stereo microphone built into its top plate. Specially dedicated vlogging and creator accessories, available separately or in kit with the Z 30, make putting together a ready-to-go setup easy. These accessories include a SmallRig wind muff and a Nikon Bluetooth remote control unit that can be seamlessly combined with the also-available SmallRig mini tripod/selfie grip. The Nikon Z 30 can be purchased as body-only or with a variety of kit lenses, and can also accept full-frame Z lenses (with accompanying crop) for those with other Nikon gear.

TIPA comments on the NIKKOR Z 600mm f/4 TC VR S, winner of the ‘Best Supertelephoto Prime Lens’

A dream lens for wildlife photographers, the Z 600 incorporates a built-in 1.4X teleconverter that switches the lens to an 840mm f/5.6. Working outdoors often means challenging light and weather conditions, so a newly developed “Meso Amorphous Coat” offers the greatest antireflective performance from a Nikon lens while ARNEO and Nano Crystal Coats do their part to reduce ghosting, reflections and glare. AF is greatly enhanced with a “Silky Swift Voice Coil Motor” that uses magnets rather than gears to move focusing groups, benefiting both still and video recording. Vibration reduction with a lens like this is paramount, and here it’s up to 5.5 stops with compatible camera bodies. Atop a tripod, the build and design allow for a balance that makes panning smoother and more responsive.

TIPA comments on the NIKKOR Z 85mm f/1.2 S, winner of the ‘Best Portrait Lens’

Portrait photographers will fully appreciate this classic focal length lens with its ultra-fast maximum aperture, beautiful bokeh, and solid construction, making it a perfect choice for capturing stunning fashion, wedding, boudoir and, of course, portrait images. Striking backgrounds can be achieved when shooting wide open, and at f/2 point light sources are rendered as soft and “dreamlike” orbs. As part of the Nikon’s premium S-line family, superior optics, operation and build quality are available for both still and video capture, aided by dual STM motors. Auto -Priority manual focus makes for an easy transition to manual during AF operation, while its programmable control ring allows for easy customization of operation to match each photographer’s individual style for every mood and scene.

The TIPA World Awards are universally recognised as celebrating top-class companies and the highest-quality products in the industry. It also serves to provide an important benchmark and guide for consumers when making their purchasing decisions.

Please visit the TIPA website for more information:

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