On 17th December 2020 Nikon announced that RAW video output*1, *2 from the Z 7 and Z 6 mirrorless cameras will now be compatible with external capture devices manufactured by Blackmagic Design*3 .

The firmware updates enable the recording of high-quality video shot with the Z 7 or Z 6 in not only ProRes RAW, but also Blackmagic RAW. Video in 12-bit 4K UHD or full-HD RAW can be captured to an external recorder connected to the Z 7 or Z 6 via HDMI, expanding recording options for RAW video and further supporting the production of advanced video works.

Furthermore, ProRes RAW video recorded to the Ninja V external capture device by Atomos, is also compatible with the latest ISO settings and colour temperature control features added to Apple’s Final Cut Pro Version 10.4.9 and later versions. This expands video editing options when using Final Cut Pro.

Support for RAW video output to a Blackmagic Design external recorder can be enabled on cameras that have already been serviced for the RAW video output upgrade by simply updating the firmware to Ver. 3.2, with no need for additional service at a Nikon facility.

An internal setting on the camera must be revised during a service at an authorised Nikon Service Centre prior to downloading the firmware update, to allow RAW video output to be enabled. This service will incur local charges.

*1 The RAW video output function can be enabled by a Nikon service facility for a fee.
*2 With the Z 7, RAW video output is possible only with full-HD videos recorded in the FX-based video format and 4K UHD videos recorded in the DX-based video format. With the Z 6, 4K UHD and full-HD RAW video output is possible with both FX- and DX-based movie formats.
*3 The Atomos Ninja V and now the Blackmagic Video Assist 5″ 12G HDR and Blackmagic Video Assist 7″ 12G HDR can be used to record Nikon RAW video in the ProRes RAW or Blackmagic RAW format, respectively. Operation is not guaranteed with recorders other than those noted above. (as of December 17th 2020).
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Grays of Westminster & Nikon Owner Annual Christmas Event on Saturday, 12th December 2020 Online

Grays of Westminster & Nikon Owner
present an unmissable Christmas Evening

A Celebration of Photography
Presented by Moose Peterson

Introduced by Gray Levett, founder of Grays of Westminster,
and Michael Eleftheriades of the Nikon Owner London Group

Grays of Westminster & Nikon Owner are pleased to invite you to a very special Christmas event, ‘A Celebration of Photography’ presented by Nikon USA Ambassador Moose Peterson.

Date: Saturday, 12th December 2020
Start time: 7.00 pm GMT
Duration: 3 hours

Please note that this event will take place as an online webinar and please see Registration section for sign-up process.

Special Christmas Raffle:

First prize: Signed, limited edition copy of The Legendary Photography of Tony Hurst, celebrating Nikon’s 100th Anniversary, worth £125.00

Two runner-up prizes of a Nikon 100th Anniversary black leather neck-strap worth £40.

“Memories are what we hold on to, seek in our daily travels and in large part, make us who we are. Photography permits us to create and preserve those memories and share them with others broadening our world. I’ve been very fortunate to go to many locals others don’t know exist, spend time with critters witnessing their marvel of survival. And I’ve been incredibly fortunate to spend time with those who have made history as they shaped our world. The whole time I had my Nikon on my side capturing all of these memories so I can share them with you! Come along this evening as we take a journey through the last four decades, a Celebration of Photography!” Moose Peterson

About Moose Peterson

Moose’s passion for photography started in 1978. By 1981 he went into business with his wife, Sharon, dedicating their lives to the education and protection of our wild heritage, the lands and the critters. In 2008 Moose added aviation to wildlife photography, with the same goal of preserving our aviation heritage and the freedoms they protect for future generations.

Along the way Moose has been honoured for his photographic passion. He is a Nikon Ambassador USA, the recipient of the John Muir Conservation Award and a Research Associate with the Endangered Species Recovery Programme. He was also part of Epson’s Finish Strong ad campaign and the creative producer / photographer of his acclaimed film ‘Warbirds and The Men Who Flew Them’.

He shares his knowledge through his writing, being published in over 143 magazines worldwide and is the author of 29 books, including his latest, ‘Takeoff’ and best-seller ‘Captured’. He lectures across the country to thousands of photographers every year. One of the original Nikon shooters to receive the D1 in 1999, Moose embraced this new technology, becoming the only wildlife photographer in the world to shoot strictly digital in the early years.

His website can be viewed at:

Webinar Requirements

A computer, laptop (Mac or Windows), tablet or phone (iOS or Android).

Internet access (Wi-Fi, ethernet connection preferred)..

Speakers or headphones (audio out) to listen to the audio stream.

A webcam or microphone connected to your computer for audio input (optional, if you are using a laptop, tablet or phone these will be built in).

Even without sharing your video / audio stream you will still be able to type questions using a chat feature.

You will need to download and install the Zoom application on your computer or laptop, or app on your tablet or phone. Detailed instructions will be sent to all attendees before the event.


The cost of the event, payable in advance, is £25 per person for current Nikon Owner subscribers and £85 for non-Nikon Owner subscribers.

To reserve your place, please click here 

If you encounter any difficulties, wish to take out or renew a subscription or have any other questions, please email Katrin Ruckert on In order to receive the discount available for current Nikon Owner subscribers, you are able to subscribe or resubscribe to Nikon Owner.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, 12th December 2020 for a special Christmas Celebration of Photography!

Cancellation Policy

Please kindly note that a cancellation policy applies and that unfortunately a refund or a credit towards a future event can only be provided when you give us 7 days’ prior notice of cancelling your place(s).

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Nikon Owner Magazine Issue 70


By Moose Petersen
The mighty Moose Peterson, writer, Nikon Ambassador, wildlife & aviation photographer puts the new flagship D6 through its paces with some stunning results.

By Simon Stafford
In this first part of a two-part article, Simon Stafford examines VR for F-mount Nikkor lenses used with Nikon SLR and D-SLR cameras.

By Heather Angel
Heather Angel captures a shot of a male satin bower bird as it carries a blue plastic straw to its ensemble of blue objects used to attract a mate in Lamington National Park, Queensland, Australia.

By Mark Gatter
Mark Gatter is an internationally-acclaimed photographer and author. He explains in detail the best way for photographers to work with their raw images.

By Julian Cook
Photographer Julian Cook travelled to Pembrokeshire seven times over a five-year period. He vividly describes this unspoilt part of Wales.

By Becky Danese
In this practical and highly comprehensive article, Becky Danese takes us through the methods she uses to shoot infrared images, explaining in detail how you can create stunning, ethereal pictures.

By Andrew Main Wilson
Andrew Main Wilson’s passion for travel adventures takes him to the Salvation Islands and the daring escape attempts of Henri Charrière from the Prison of St-Laurent-du-Maroni. He visits a place of solitude, remoteness and cruelty and finds beauty.

Words by Gray Levett
Tony Hurst captures a rare image of the Nikon F High Speed Sapporo, and Gray Levett tells the story behind this remarkable camera.

By Gray Levett
The gifted English blues, rock singer-songwriter and guitarist Peter Green and founder member of Fleetwood Mac passed away in July. Photographer Michael Putland captures a moment in time when his torch was burning brightly.


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Nikon Owner Magazine Issue 69



With an introduction by Gillian Greenwood
In the third book of her series, London in Bloom, Georgianna Lane has captured the soul of London in springtime; she has painted a dazzling picture of a city filled with blossom, colour and light. Gillian Greenwood interviews her for this issue.

By Heather Angel
Chinoiserie is a style of Chinese ornamentation characterized by intricate patterns and motifs. Heather Angel explains the story behind the image of her favourite ornamental fountain.

By John Kent
Have you ever wondered how to get the best out of the red button on your camera that triggers video recording? John Kent helps you to understand this feature.

By Becky Danese
Nikon are the only company in the world that are still producing a professional 35mm SLR AF body, the Nikon F6. Technical advisor Becky Danese puts it to the test.

By Michael Eleftheriades
Michael Eleftheriades reviews Remembering Lions by Margot Raggett, the latest book in the Remembering Wildlife series.

By Simon Stafford
Our esteemed technical editor puts the Nikkor Z 35mm f/1.8 S lens through his acclaimed bench tests.

By Andrew Main Wilson
Andrew Main Wilson continues his journey to every country on the planet. In this issue, he visits the Mountaintop Monastery of Debre Bizen, and shoots the breath taking view that surrounds it.

By Gray Levett
The Nikkorex 35 camera remains a mystery to many Nikon enthusiasts. Tony Hurst captures this little-known camera and Gray Levett sheds a light on the Nikkorex years.

By Simon Stafford
Find out why the Nikkor Z 85mm f/1.8 S is the best 85mm Nikkor lens that Simon Stafford has used in almost forty years.

By Gray Levett
Gray Levett fondly remembers listening to the late legendary disc- jockey John Peel who was photographed by Michael Putland in the same building that now houses Grays of Westminster.


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Nikon UK announces digital partnership with the National Gallery for 2020-2021

On Thursday, 5th November 2020 Nikon announced its new Digital Content Partnership with The National Gallery. The first collaboration of its kind for this iconic institution, the next twelve months will see Nikon work together with the gallery on a varied roster of online content series and programmes, aimed at inspiring members of the public to explore the synergies between photography and fine art, and how these similarities align with the core principles of creativity and artistry that Nikon values firmly.





Butterflies, Moths and Insects with Sprays of Common Hawthorn and Forget-Me-Not | Jan van Kessel the Elder (1626 – 1679) | 1654 | Oil on Wood |

© The National Gallery, London









Such featured content will include the ongoing Picture of the Month series, a tradition dating back to the early 20thCentury, as well as a brand new Conservation Series and curator-led talks, all of which will be hosted across the National Gallery social media platforms. Free digital events led by Gallery Educators and Nikon experts will also be available to watch, focusing on aspects of the permanent collection. By joining together in this way, both The National Gallery and Nikon will have the tremendous opportunity to use their online platforms to further educate and inspire a broader audience than ever before.

Dr Gabriele Finaldi, Director of the National Gallery, said: “When the National Gallery was first forced to close its doors for 111 days due to the pandemic, our digital programming and online community flourished – open 24/7 with free art for everyone, anywhere online. As the Gallery closes its doors for the second time, our online activity is vitally important. We are delighted that Nikon have joined us in this endeavour as our first-ever Digital Content Partner. It is a critical time for the arts, a sector that has proven to be a vital mechanism for mental wellbeing at this difficult time, and support from businesses like Nikon will enable us to continue to bring great art to the widest possible audience.”

Julian Harvie, Head of Marketing for Nikon Northern Europe said: “Nikon is delighted to be supporting the National Gallery as their Digital Content Partner for the coming year. As a brand that enables photographic artistry at the highest level, we are proud to be working with such an iconic institution to inspire and educate our online audience, looking to the past better to empower our creative vision today.”

For more information about the partnership, visit The National Gallery website at:

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