Nikon has launched Nikon Imaging Cloud, a free cloud service that offers direct-to-camera firmware updates as well as camera-to-cloud image storage, and exclusive image recipes.

For photographers, Nikon Imaging Cloud is an exciting new platform that’s free for Nikon users and is now exclusively available for the recently launched Z6III. Photographers only need to set up a connection between their camera and Nikon Imaging Cloud once to enjoy a host of creative workflow benefits: from instant image backup and seamless transfer to third-party platforms, as well as automated firmware updates and unique colour profiles that can be downloaded straight from the cloud to the camera.

Summary of key features: Nikon Imaging Cloud

Direct camera-to-cloud image transfer: Nikon Imaging Cloud keeps image files safe with automatic transfers from camera to the cloud—whenever the camera is on and connected to the internet.

One-time setup: the connection between camera and Nikon Imaging Cloud only needs to be set up once. After that, whenever the camera’s on, it’s connected to the cloud.

30 days unlimited image storage: images are stored for free, for up to 30 days after they’re first transferred.

Exclusive image recipes, straight to camera: get free colour-profile image recipes from Nikon and Nikon Creators. Up to nine recipes can be saved in the cloud at any one time: once transferred to the camera, they appear as new Picture Control profiles.

Always-easy firmware updates: set up automatic updates to have the latest firmware installed on the camera when it’s charging. Or go for manual updates: a yellow dot will appear next to the tool icon in the main camera menu to signal new firmware is available.

Stay tuned for a first-look video and a how to set up, step-by-step video on the Nikon Europe YouTube channel, available to watch today.

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Nikon Owner Magazine Issue 83


Nikon Owner 83 front cover



Gerard Brown

By Gray Levett

WOMEN IN PHOTOGRAPHY – Kristi Odom: A Voice to the Voiceless
By Gillian Greenwood
Gillian Greenwood continues her series on women photographers of today with a feature on award-winning photographer Kristi Odom. Kristi is an Associate Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers and works both locally and in the most remote locations of the world, helping to protect the planet’s bio-diversity.

By Becky Danese
Becky Danese takes us on a fascinating journey from the early years of photography and the creation of the very first Voigtländer lens in the mid-19th century to the present day. She examines the range of Voigtländer lenses and the F mount lenses that are currently available.

By Heather Angel
Heather Angel discusses the appearance and feeding habits of Red Admiral butterflies as they emerge throughout the year.

By Gray Levett
Stanley Kubrick has been described as the movie director’s movie director. He made twelve films in half a century and his impact on the world of cinema was profound. What is his connection to Grays of Westminster, Nikon, and 2001: Space Odyssey? Gray Levett tells the story.

By Andrew Main Wilson
Andrew Main Wilson visited Albania in 1989 with a Nikon F4, returning in 2023, thirty-four years later, with his Nikon D850. He was amazed to discover such a vast transformation within the country.

Simon Stafford discusses the fundamental issue of exposure and other aspects of image data in the context of rendering the best possible digital image quality. He defines the three vital principles that determine exposure.

By Gillian Greenwood
Gillian Greenwood celebrates music photographer Michael Putland’s remarkable career which, by some extraordinary stroke of fate, started in the basement of the building now occupied by Grays of Westminster.

Words by Gray Levett
The beautiful and still highly desirable Nikon 35Ti is captured here by Tony Hurst. His still-life of the Nikon 35Ti shows the luxury titanium-clad point-and-shoot camera in fine detail. It debuted in 1993.

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Today, Nikon introduces the NIKKOR Z 35mm f/1.4. Compact, fast, and sharp, this 35mm full-frame prime lens is always ready to respond to the moment with a classic perspective! It’s ideal for street photography as well as travel reportage or events—and it’s perfect for shooting video too. Both photographers and video shooters will enjoy real flexibility to work creatively with natural light, and boundless portability from the lightweight build.

Few lenses are as versatile as a fast 35mm prime and the NIKKOR Z 35mm f/1.4 is the first Nikon Z lens to boast a creative f/1.4 aperture, which allows real flexibility when shooting with available light. Photographers and video shooters can shoot wide open at f/1.4 and be rewarded with large, beautifully soft bokeh, perfect for candid or environmental portraits that set a subject apart—as well as creative backlit shots. Low-light scenes can be captured with stunning clarity and sharpness, and faster shutter speeds can be used to freeze action without sacrificing brightness.

Whether drawn to visual compositions or narrative depth, street photography thrives on the unexpected—and the NIKKOR Z 35mm f/1.4 lens is primed to nail the instant that the elements come together. Always quick to react, its autofocus is beautifully smooth and steady, and a close focusing distance of just 0.27 m gives users plenty of scope to take a step forward and fill the frame with sharp shots of intriguing details, or record video in tight spaces. In addition, this 35mm full-frame lens boasts a lightweight build and is carefully sealed, which is an advantage for anyone who wants the freedom to walk further and explore what’s around the next corner, no matter the weather.

Zurab Kiknadze, Product Manager, Nikon Europe says: “We’re excited to unveil the new 35mm f/1.4 lens, a timeless focal length beloved by photographers for its versatility and natural perspective. This addition to our range of Nikon Z full-frame prime lenses is designed to inspire creativity, helping photographers tell their stories with beautiful, expressive images. It’s more than just a lens—it’s a gateway to artistic exploration.”

Summary of key features: NIKKOR Z 35mm f/1.4 

Fast 35mm full-frame prime lens: much-loved for its human-eye perspective, the 35mm focal length is perfect for exploring life’s richness. Ideal for street photography, travel reportage, events, and video.

f/1.4 aperture for creative flexibility: the fast maximum aperture allows more freedom to shoot with available light. Easily capture large, beautifully soft bokeh, or nail sharp shots of low-light scenes, and freeze action without sacrificing brightness.

Quick, confident AF: driven by Nikon’s fast and precise multi-focusing system, autofocus is beautifully smooth and steady.

Classic 35mm perspective for video: the f/1.4 aperture allows precise control over depth of field and bokeh. Focus breathing is suppressed and linear focusing can be enabled for controlled, accurate manual focus pulling.

0.27m close focusing: facial expressions, textural details, gestures—photographers and video shooters get plenty of space to move closer and fill the frame.

Always flexible: chasing the light as it changes? Use the clickless control ring to smoothly control aperture, ISO, exposure compensation and more.

Boundless portability: weighs just 415 g (approx.), and all moving parts of the lens barrel are carefully sealed for worry-free durability.1

SSD: July 2024

RRP: £649 (UK) | €759.00 (ROI)

Pre-order the new lens from Grays of Westminster here.


1 The lens is not guaranteed to be dust- and drip- resistant in all situations and under all conditions.


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Nikon Z 6 III front

Nikon has expanded its acclaimed lineup of midrange Z series cameras with the Z6III full-frame hybrid camera. Built on the spirit of the Z8 and Z9, the small but tough Z6III is a flexible creative powerhouse that offers exquisitely detailed stills and internal 6K/60P (RAW) video recording.

The all-new Z6III introduces a new level of performance to mid-range full-frame cameras and is an exciting upgrade for photographers and videographers who want to hone their skills or go big on creativity, while keeping their setup ultra-compact. At the heart of the camera is the world’s first partially stacked full-frame CMOS sensor—designed to let the Z6III perform big and stay small, it delivers in every way with incredible image quality and eye-widening dynamic range and colour fidelity.

The partially stacked sensor at the heart of the Z6III is backed by the same EXPEED 7 processor that drives the Z8 and Z9—and this powerful duo fuels the camera’s blazing AF calculations and EVF refresh rates, as well as its impressive light sensitivity. Stills shooters get a consistently smooth view through the viewfinder and can unleash up to 120 fps without worrying about rolling shutter distortion. Video shooters can deliver pristine 6K and 5.4K footage straight from the camera or create detail-rich 4K UHD video oversampled from 6K in-camera. In addition, both stills and video shooters benefit from Nikon’s intelligent subject detection, with tenacious tracking on the eyes in people or animal modes, and they can keep on shooting into the night thanks to the sensor’s broad ISO range and AF sensitivity down to –10 EV.

The Z6III also boasts the brightest electronic viewfinder in its class—and this is the first mirrorless camera ever to have an EVF with a wide DCI-P3 colour gamut.1 With next-level views like this, details won’t be hidden in the shadows and users can confidently create in-camera, secure in the knowledge that final files will display colours as intended.

Nikon Imaging Cloud2, a free cloud service that offers direct-to-camera firmware updates as well as camera-to-cloud image storage, and exclusive image recipes will be available soon.

Nikon Z6III back

Summary of key features: Z6III

Partially stacked 24.5 MP full-frame sensor: blazing sensor-scan rates power full-pixel readout for clean, detailed images with superb dynamic range and colour fidelity. The native ISO range goes from 100 to 64000 (expandable to 50-204800).

6K RAW video in-camera: Internal 6K/60P (RAW) and 5.4K/60P (YUV) recording. You can create 4K UHD/60p video oversampled from 6K in-camera and shoot footage at 240p (10x slow motion).

Pro-quality sound: The camera’s external mic input can be used as a line-level input for pro-quality sound.

Bright EVF with ultra-wide colour gamut: with refresh rates of 60 fps, the 4000-nit, 5670k-dot EVF displays consistently smooth, high-definition views. A wide (DCI-P3) colour gamut displays lifelike colours with no colour banding.

Up to 120 fps with AF/AE and Pre-Release Capture: 120 fps (10MP DX-format JPEGs), or 60 fps (24MP full-frame JPEGs). The Z6III nails the decisive moment, even if it happens before the shutter is released.

Flagship AF features: blisteringly fast AF calculations power consistently reliable tracking that won’t let go. Subject detection and AF work down to –10 EV for video and stills.3

Powerful Vibration Reduction and focus-point stabilisation: 8.0 stops4 of 5-axis image stabilisation built right into the camera’s body, and E-VR for video. Focus Point VR stabilises the area around the active focus point.5

High-resolution vari-angle monitor: fully articulating 2100k-dot touchscreen for a clear, highly detailed view of the scene from any angle.

Small, lightweight, tough: Weighs just 750 g (approx.), with premium weather sealing and cold resistance all the way down to –10 C/14 F.

Two card slots: one slot supports CFexpress Type B cards or XQD cards, and one slot supports UHS-II SD cards.

Optional vertical battery grip: Nikon’s new Power Battery Pack MB-N14 can be used as a grip for vertical shooting, or to counterbalance telephoto lenses, as well as for extended all-day shooting.

Sales start: July 2024

RRPs: Z6III Body – £2,699 (UK) | €3,099.00 (ROI)

Pre-order from Grays of Westminster here:



1 Among full-frame/FX-format mirrorless cameras as of 17 June 2024. Based on Nikon research.

2 The Nikon imaging cloud service will be available soon. Please continue to check Nikon’s website for updates.

3 AF sensitivity down to –10 EV. Measured in photo mode at ISO 100 and a temperature of 20°C/68°F using single-servo AF (AF‑S) and a lens with a maximum aperture of f/1.2.

4 8.0-stop Vibration Reduction measured using the telephoto end of the NIKKOR Z 24-120mm f/4 S. Based on CIPA Standards.

5 Focus Point VR is available in Photo mode when a NIKKOR Z lens without built-in VR is used. Focus Point VR is not effective when multiple focus points are displayed.

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Andrea Jones wins Gold Medal for her exhibit ‘Gardens Illuminated’ at the Saatchi Gallery in London

We are delighted to announce that multi-award-winning photographer Andrea Jones, who is celebrating 25 years as a specialist photographer in the world of plants, flowers and trees, has been awarded a Gold Medal in the 2024 RHS Botanical Art & Photography Competition for her exhibit, ‘Gardens Illuminated’ at the Saatchi Gallery, London.

You can visit the RHS Botanical Art & Photography Show 2024, from

Andrea Jones was featured in our series ‘Women in Photography’ in Nikon Owner issue 82, which you can find here:

We look forward to the exhibition! Will we see you there?

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