Nikon Snapbridge Smartphone Application Version 2.11.0

Nikon is pleased to announce the release of Ver. 2.11.0 for SnapBridge – a smartphone application which enables a better workflow thanks to an easy connection between cameras and smartphones or tablets.

The latest firmware introduces1 an array of innovative new functions, including Easy Shooting Setup, allowing users to configure shooting settings suited to a particular scene or subject, directly from their smart device2.

Easy Shooting Setup3 enhances useability with a number of options able to determine the final output of content – such as soft, out-of-focus background or motion blur options. The new function also enables those unfamiliar with different camera options to create camera shooting settings that are easy to use. What’s more, settings are applied to the camera the moment they are tapped via the application, allowing users to immediately begin shooting the way they desire.

Additionally, Easy Shooting Setup provides useful tips for available scenes and subjects, such as people, landscapes, and pets – guaranteeing Nikon users impressive results. Created with convenience in mind, favourite shooting settings can also be assigned to one of the user setting positions4, enabling intuitive operation.

Nikon continues to enhance the app’s usability and strengthen its functions in order to provide users with increasingly rich imaging experiences. To find out more visit

Supported operating systems:

  • Android™ (version 10 or later)
  • iOS (version 15.7 or later)

Cameras that support Ver.2.11.0’s Easy Shooting Setup:

  • Nikon Z f, Nikon Z 5, Nikon Z fc, Nikon Z 50, and Nikon Z 30

  1.  The NX Ready app available in some regions will be discontinued with the release of SnapBridge Ver.2.11.0.
  2. The SnapBridge app can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play™ and App Store®.
  • See Nikon’s website for further information.
  • See Google Play™ for Android™ device system requirements.
  • See the App Store® for iOS device system requirements.
  • There is no guarantee that this app will run on all devices.
  1. Not displayed if the camera with which the smart device running SnapBridge is paired does not support Easy Shooting Setup.
  2. Z 50, Z 30, and Z 5 only (as of March 13, 2024).
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Nikon is pleased to announce the release of firmware version 5.00 for its flagship, full frame mirrorless camera, the Nikon Z 9.

The latest update introduces an array of new functions that responds to users’ needs – from increasing flexibility for sports photographers, to improving portrait photography. The latter can be achieved thanks to the introduction of new Skin Softening and Portrait Impression Balance functions, as well as the Rich Tone Portrait Picture Control.

As part of the upgrade, a reserve function has been added to Auto Capture, allowing photographers and videographers alike to specify the start date, time, and duration of a shoot – consequently reducing battery consumption for a more efficient workflow. Additionally, a lower-speed [C15] option has been added to High-Speed Frame Capture+ for increased usability with continuous shooting.

Further improvements to the Z 9’s operability will be apparent via the new update, including improved visibility and an increase in the number of functions that can be assigned to custom controls. Manual focusing has also been made possible with maximum aperture live view in manual focus mode, which will allow users to stay in full control.

Ultimately, firmware version 5.00 has been designed to elevate overall user convenience and increase both speed and efficiency. With this in mind, photographers can now use the continuous LED light of the Profoto A10 as an AF-assist illuminator*1. What’s more, the addition of a Prefer focus point option (face priority) allows users to centre the display on their subject’s face, while scrolling through photos during playback zoom.

But the list of functions made accessible thanks to firmware version 5.00 doesn’t end there. The full list, along with access to download – free of charge – can be found on the Nikon download centre.

Nikon continuously strives to meet users’ needs through regular firmware updates, providing useful functions. To find out more visit


*1 It is necessary to update the firmware of the Profoto A10 to the latest version. Please refer to the Profoto website for details.

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Visit Nikon at The Photography and Video Show on stand B600.

Nikon will be returning to The Photography and Video Show to showcase its award-winning product line-up and host a series of inspirational photography and videography talks. The event takes place from 16th – 19th March 2024 at the NEC in Birmingham.

This year, visitors will be able to test and try all of Nikon’s latest products, including the full Z Series range – from the 2023 ‘camera of the year’, the Z 8, to Nikon’s newest retro-inspired camera, the Z f, there will be something for everyone. The stand will act as a base for inspiration and knowledge, complemented by engaging talks from compelling speakers.

Taking to the Nikon School Stage this year will be a wide range of European Nikon Ambassadors. These include Automotive photographer Amy Shore, Wildlife photographer Mattias Klum, Fine Art photographer Alia Ali, News photographer Leon Neal, Visual Art photographer Heather Agyepong, Entertainment photographer Gareth Cattermole, Music photographer Scarlet Page, Landscape photographer Nigel Danson, Portrait photographer Carolyn Mendelsohn, Wildlife photographer Roie Galitz and Fashion photographer Hermeilio Miguel Aquino (Kino), who will each deliver talks that follow their unique careers, empowered by Nikon’s equipment to produce award-winning photography.

Joining them onstage will be several Nikon Creators who will provide the audience with insider tips on how to create content that inspires. This lineup includes Wedding photographer Jess Rose, Wildlife photographer Rachel Bigsby, Portrait photographer Darren Boyd, Adventure photographer and cinematographer Norris Niman, Wildlife photographer and videographer Roxy Furman, and Wedding photographer Gurvir Johal.

Also joining the Nikon School Stage speaker line-up for 2024 is Landscape and Astro photographer Angel Fux, who will be delivering a talk on the craft of composite photography. Meanwhile, filmmakers Keziah Quarco and Cara Brown will join Nikon School trainer Ricci Chera and Nikon Ambassador Kino in a panel discussion which explores their journey through video and filmmaking.

Nikon School trainers Neil Freeman and Ricci Chera will be on-stage throughout the show with a schedule of informative talks on a range of photography subjects to educate and inspire photographers of all abilities.

Julian Harvie, Marketing Director at Nikon Northern Europe says: “It’s great to be back at The Photography and Video Show again this year. Since the last show in September 2022, we’ve launched a wealth of industry-leading products across our range of Z Series cameras and lenses, and we can’t wait to introduce them to photographers and videographers alike. And with an exceptional line of speakers across our Nikon Family and Nikon School team, we’re certain that visitors will be impressed with what Nikon has to offer. We look forward to both inspiring and in turn being inspired by the community at the show this year.”

Tickets are now on sale for The Photography and Video Show 2024.

View the Nikon School Stage Speaker Schedule here.

Visit Nikon at The Photography Show on stand B600.

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Space station astronauts receive Nikon’s flagship full-frame mirrorless camera

Nikon was pleased to announce that the Nikon Z 9 was launched into orbit to the International Space Station (ISS) in January, helping NASA astronauts capture the iconic and breathtaking images of Earth and space in stellar quality and clarity. This is a landmark achievement for the Nikon Z series, as this will be Nikon’s first mirrorless camera used by the space station crew.

Multiple Z 9 bodies along with an impressive selection of NIKKOR Z lenses have been sent to the orbiting laboratory on the 20th Northrop Grumman commercial resupply services mission for NASA. The Cygnus cargo spacecraft, carried on the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, launched from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station on January 30th, 2024.

The Z 9 uses the latest mirrorless technology and is replacing the current inventory of Nikon D6 and D5 digital SLR cameras on the space station, with the D5 in service since 2017. Since the Apollo 15 mission more than 50 years ago, Nikon cameras and lenses have been used by NASA for space exploration on various missions and the space shuttles. Starting in 1999, Nikon cameras (the Nikon F5) and NIKKOR lenses have been used aboard the orbiting laboratory to aid in scientific research, maintenance, and aiding astronauts capturing the iconic images of Earth, the heavens, and beyond. The gear is used both inside the space station, but also in the unrelenting vacuum of space in a special “blanket” developed by NASA. In 2008, NASA took delivery of the D2XS digital SLR, and in 2013, 38 Nikon D4 digital SLR cameras and 64 NIKKOR lenses were delivered to the space station crew.

The Nikon Z series of mirrorless cameras launched in 2018, and since then has benefitted from the latest innovation, constant firmware updates and a rapidly expanding line of NIKKOR Z lenses. The Z 9 is Nikon’s flagship mirrorless full frame camera, well regarded for its extremely robust build, unwavering reliability for professionals and next generation technology. The Z 9 is the first camera of its type to eliminate a shutter, minimizing moving parts for maximum durability. The cameras used on the orbiting laboratory are physically unmodified, meaning terrestrial consumers have access to the same build quality as the space station crew in space. This is a testament, certifying that Nikon technology and the Z 9 is capable of thriving in the extreme rigors of living in zero gravity and space exploration.

While the camera is physically the same, Nikon engineers worked directly with NASA to create a custom dedicated firmware to better serve the astronauts and the environment in space. This includes expanding noise reduction to faster shutter speeds to account for the constant bombardment of cosmic radiation that the crew and gear are subject to about the space station. Additional changes have been made to the file naming sequence, as well as default settings and controls that are optimised for life aboard the orbiting laboratory and for being enclosed in the protective covering for exterior missions. Changes have also been made to the in-camera FTP and transfer protocol to simplify the astronaut’s workflow, increase efficiency and reduce power consumption when sending images from space to Earth.

New Nikon cameras and NIKKOR lenses aboard the space station

As NASA integrates the latest technology of Nikon’s mirrorless camera system, a selection of lenses has also been sent to assist astronauts. The shipment consisted of 13 Z 9s, a total of more than 15 NIKKOR Z lenses, including super-telephoto and macro lenses, and 15 FTZ II adapters.

*Trade names (companies, products, services, etc.) are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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Yesterday Nikon announced the release of its latest firmware: version 2.00 for the full-frame, FX-format mirrorless camera, the Nikon Z 8.

The new firmware is the Z 8’s first major update since its launch, offering users a significant improvement to their shooting – whether that be of images or video – thanks to the inclusion of cutting-edge functions also found in the Nikon Z 9 and the Nikon Z f.

Designed with bird photographers in mind, a dedicated [Birds] feature has been added to the Z 8’s AF subject detection options, increasing bird-detection performance in a variety of high-contrast backgrounds, including forests and rocky mountains and in various states – flying or perched. This enables users to produce razor sharp shorts that surpass all expectations, even for those birds that have unique appearances that are harder to identify.

Firmware version 2.00 for the Z 8 enforces new Auto Capture functionality which introduces automatic shooting for both still images and video by pre-configuring auto capture criteria, including motion, distance, and subject detection. These options can be used either separately or together, according to the user’s needs.

Additionally, the guarantee of high-resolution photos has been made possible thanks to the new pixel shift shooting function, using dedicated software to merge multiple NEF (RAW) files. This is ideal for capturing the finest details in subjects with complex designs – such as buildings and art pieces, with precise rendering of the subject’s colours, textures, and structures.

What’s more, the firmware update also offers a new Rich Tone Portrait Picture Control, harnessing the rich tones of subjects while retaining the most intricate details – essential for portrait photography. In fact, users can now assign further functions and operations to custom control and have the option to exit zoom with a half-press release which improves the general useability of the Z 8.

But the list of functions made accessible thanks to firmware version 2.00 doesn’t end there. The full list, along with access to download – free of charge – can be found on the Nikon download centre.

You can download the new firmware here:

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