New Nikon Release

Nikon releases the NIKKOR Z 40mm f/2 – a compact and lightweight prime lens for the Nikon Z mount system

RRPs: NIKKOR Z 40mm f/2 – £249.00 UK | €289.00 ROI

Nikon is pleased to announce the release of the NIKKOR Z 40mm f/2, a compact and lightweight prime lens compatible with full-frame (Nikon FX-format) mirrorless cameras for which the Nikon Z mount has been adopted. The beautifully lyrical NIKKOR Z 40mm f/2 is an everyday superhero: sharp, fast, and small enough to wield discreetly, it’s great for everything from vlogs to vibrant snapshots.

Nikkor 40mm f2

*The appearance of the product may differ from the photo shown above.

This bright, standard prime lens offers a natural angle of view that is ideal for candid portraits, interviews, and how-to videos. Without a big lens in their face, subjects will feel more comfortable, and the lens is so small and light that it’s ideal for filming engaging first-person perspectives too.

The wide Z mount combines with the lens’ wide f/2 maximum aperture to deliver great low-light performance, ideal for capturing the mood of dimly lit situations. The rounded 9-blade aperture enables soft, natural-looking bokeh: photographers and movie shooters can capture images with softly blurred, super-creamy backgrounds that really make their subject stand out.

Rob Harmon, Senior Commercial Lead, Nikon Northern Europe, says: “We are thrilled to welcome this versatile prime lens into the ever-growing Nikon Z system. This lens is a great value-for-money entry point into the world of Nikon Z. It’s so compact and lightweight that it’s ideal as a main walk-around lens or a lightweight second lens.”
Z50 with Nikkor 40mm f2

Summary of key features: NIKKOR Z 40mm f/2

Bright f/2 standard prime lens: 40 mm angle of view on Z series full-frame cameras. 60 mm angle of view on a Z series DX-format camera.

True to life: the lens renders stills and movies with beautiful detail, depth, and colour.

Artful bokeh: putting subjects in sharp focus against beautiful, softly blurred backgrounds has never been easier.

Great up close: minimum focus distance of just 0.29 m. Sharpness is superb, even up close.

Fast, silent autofocus: powered by an ultra-quiet stepping motor and enhanced by the additional light gathered by the Z mount, focusing is fast, accurate—and silent.

Made for video: videos won’t be ruined by focusing sounds. Focus breathing is dramatically reduced so you can adjust focus without affecting the shot’s angle of view.

Pocketable: small enough to keep on the camera or slip into a coat pocket.

Adaptable: the silent control ring can be set to control focus, aperture, exposure compensation, or ISO.

Protected: sealed to protect from dust and water droplets.1

Z5 plus Nikkor 40mm f2


1 The lens is not guaranteed to be dust- and drip-resistant in all situations and under all conditions.

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LEE Filters Expands LEE100 System

LEE Filters Expands LEE100 System with New Filter Holder for Ultra-wide NIKKOR Zoom

Lee100 System Filter Holder

LEE Filters, a leading manufacturer of high-quality lighting gels and photographic filters and a member of the Panavision family of brands, is expanding its award-winning LEE100 filter system with the addition of a new LEE100 holder specifically developed for Nikon’s NIKKOR Z 14-24mm f2.8 S ultra-wide zoom lens.

Physically larger than the standard LEE100 holder, this new filter holder is made from aluminium alloy and features a bespoke compression system for safe and secure placement on the lens barrel with optimised vignette performance. Visual “smart alignment” markings help the user correctly position the holder on the lens, and an integrated gasket and anti-reflective coating protect against light leak.

Lee 100 Filter Holder

The new holder uses the same interchangeable, modular guide blocks as the standard LEE100 system, and innovative quick-change filter frames enable photographers to continue using their existing LEE 100x100mm standard and 100x150mm grad filters. Integrated handling tabs on the filter frames allow for easy positioning without having to directly touch the filter surface, mitigating fingerprints and increasing the filter’s usable visible area. A physical stop on the filter frames optimizes the filter’s position relative to the lens, ensuring the filter’s edge won’t drop into the shot. For optimum wide-angle performance with the new holder, LEE Filters is also introducing a newly designed line of foamless 100mm Stoppers.

The new LEE100 filter holder for Nikon’s NIKKOR Z 14-24mm f2.8 S is available globally through LEE Filters’ dealer network and in the UK through select LEE Filters dealers and LEE Direct.

About LEE Filters

Since 1967, LEE Filters has maintained a market-leading position as the world’s manufacturer of lighting gels and professional photographic filters designed for the B2B entertainment and B2C photographic markets. Ongoing R&D and extensive product testing have kept the company at the forefront of new technologies, adapting to the ever-changing needs of photographers, cinematographers and lighting designers. LEE Filters is part of Panavision’s portfolio of renowned brands, which includes Light Iron, Panalux, Direct Digital and Island Studios. For more information and locations worldwide, visit To learn more about LEE Filters, please visit

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Nikon Z fc, Micro Lenses Launch & Z Products Update

Nikon Owner Special Webinar:

Nikon Z fc, Micro Lenses Launch
& Z Products Update
By Neil Freeman & Ricci Chera

Friday, 20th August 2021

Start time: 7.00 pm BST
Duration: 2 hours

Please note that this event will take place as an online webinar.
Please see the Registration section for the link to the online sign-up.

Nikon Owner London Group coordinator Michael Eleftheriades is pleased to invite you to this special event, ‘Nikon Z fc, Micro Lenses Launch & Z Products Update’ presented by Neil Freeman and Ricci Chera of Nikon UK. The event will be held on Friday, August 20th, 2021 as an online webinar.

On June 29th, 2021, Nikon surprised with the launch of the Z fc DX-format mirrorless camera, inspired by the iconic design of the Nikon FM2, with a similar size, traditional dials and Nikon logo. Alongside came the NIKKOR 28mm f/2.8 (SE), a compact and lightweight lens also featuring a design matching the Nikon lenses of the time, and development news of the NIKKOR 18-140mm f3.5-6.3 VR zoom lens.

Earlier, on June 2nd, 2021, the two eagerly awaited macro lenses for the Z system were launched, the NIKKOR Z MC 105mm f/2.8 VR S micro and mid-telephoto, and the compact NIKKOR Z MC 50mm f/2.8 standard microlens. Alongside, came news of the development of additional compact lenses, including the NIKKOR Z 40mm f/2. Neil and Ricci will present the new products in detail, as well as their evaluations on their features and performance. There will also be an opportunity to ask Neil and Ricci questions on all aspects of the new camera and lenses.

It promises to be a very exciting evening, so please book your places early!

Webinar Requirements

A computer, laptop (Mac or Windows), tablet or phone (iOS or Android).Internet access (Wi-Fi, ethernet connection preferred).

Speakers or headphones (audio out) to listen to the audio stream.

A webcam or microphone connected to your computer for audio input (optional, if you are using a laptop, tablet or phone these will be built in).

Even without sharing your video/audio stream you will still be able to type questions using a chat feature.

You will need to download and install the Zoom application on your computer or laptop, or app on your tablet or phone. Detailed instructions will be sent to all attendees before the event.


The cost of the event is free for current Nikon Owner subscribers and £60 for non-Nikon Owner subscribers.

To reserve your place, please click here

If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions, please email Katrin Ruckert at

Michael Eleftheriades looks forward to seeing you on Friday, August 20th!

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Body Promo

London, June 29th, 2021: The new Nikon Z fc is here.

The Z Fc is inspired by the FM film cameras of yore.

  • Retro styling including shutter speed dial, exposure compensation dial, ISO sensitivity dial
  • Electronic Viewfinder
  • Eye-Detection AF for stills and video
  • Animal-Detection AF for stills and video
  • SnapBridge app can be used to transfer photos and videos recorded with the camera to a smart device
  • Great in low light with ISO sensitivity up to 51200
  • Vari-angle touch-screen monitor for low-level, vertical or selfie shooting
  • Supports USB power delivery with the camera turned on as well as USB charging
  • Supports Webcam Utility, software that enables the Nikon Z fc to be used as a web camera
  • Video recording supporting 4K UHD without crop using the DX-based movie image area
  • Supports Full-time AF (AF-F) dedicated for video recording
  • Slow-motion video shooting is made easy by simply selecting an image size and frame rate


Here, there is passion in the detail. The pentaprism design and the balance between black and silver elements on the Nikon Z fc’s body reflect the FM2, as do the adoption of a circular eyepiece for the electronic viewfinder (EVF), the design of the dials, and the inscribed Nikon logo from the 1970-80s. Reliable robustness, meanwhile, is achieved by employing magnesium alloy


The top of Nikon Z fc’s body features three dials and a small window that displays the aperture. The dials control shutter speed, exposure compensation and ISO sensitivity, enabling setting changes with simple operation. Further, the i button and i menu, which allow users to quickly adjust a variety of settings with the press of a button, can be customised based on the user’s individual shooting preferences.

The first time in a Nikon Z series camera, the Nikon Z fc supports exposure compensation during AUTO mode, enabling users to achieve their desired expression by increasing brightness and enhancing silhouettes, etc. The camera also features 20 Creative Picture Control options that deliver unique expressions. By selecting themes with different parameters such as hue, toning and saturation, users can express a variety of moods, as well as adjust effects to their taste.


The Nikon Z fc supports Eye-Detection AF and Animal-Detection AF with the shooting of stills and video—features originally introduced on the Nikon Z 7II and Nikon Z 6II. The wide-area AF (L) AF-area mode is supported, further ensuring the clear capture of eyes and faces by limiting the focusing area. Continuous focus on the eyes of the intended subject when there are several people in the frame or the tracking of eyes of a pet that’s moving can also be achieved.

The capture of clear stills and videos in dark situations is made possible by covering a wide standard sensitivity range of ISO 100-51200*. Additionally, vertical shooting from low or high angles is enabled with the adoption of the first vari-angle monitor among Z series cameras. When the monitor is rotated to the front, the camera automatically switches to self-portrait mode, enabling smooth selfie shooting with touch operation.


The SnapBridge app can be used to transfer photos and videos recorded with the camera to a smart device**, making it easy for users to share them on social media. The latest camera firmware can also be obtained through the application.

Snapbridge Ver. 2.8, with a new user interface, now supports two automatic connection modes: foreground mode and background mode. The foreground mode connects with the camera only when the app is activated, reducing camera battery consumption. The background mode features a constant connection, transferring images automatically even when the app is not activated.

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Close-Up Photography with Nikon Owner’s Technical Editor Simon Stafford

The Secrets to Success with:
Close-Up Photography

An Online Webinar
Presented by Simon Stafford

Thursday, 22nd April 2021
7:00 – 9:00 pm BST (GMT +1)

Continuing his highly successful series of photographic seminars and workshops presented in association with Nikon Owner Magazine and Grays of Westminster, Simon has prepared this online webinar to help you master the techniques for successful close-up photography, irrespective of your level of photographic knowledge and experience.

He will explain the basic principles of close-up photography within the context of achieving a reproduction ratio up to 1:1 (life-size), provide an in-depth description of the key considerations, including magnification of the subject, working distance of a lens, the effect of diffraction, managing depth-of-field, and choosing and using lenses and lens accessories, together with a discussion as to when, why and how they should be applied.

Simon will describe techniques for achieving critically sharp focus, the benefits of Live View and how best to support your camera/lens combination. He will explain why controlling the appearance of the background is vitally important and offer advice concerning composition. He will also consider other essential aspects, including working with available light, plus the application of both supplementary continuous light sources and flash for lighting indoors and outdoors.

Simon will share his extensive knowledge of the Nikon camera system, together with plenty of general hints and tips accrued during his more than 40 years of photographic experience, to enable you to achieve high-quality, professional-looking close-up photographs consistently.


  • Understanding reproduction ratios and subject magnification
  • Appreciate the influence of working distance and diffraction
  • Choosing and using lenses for close focusing
  • Using lens accessories for close focusing
  • Filters for close-up photography
  • Selecting camera/lens support systems
  • Focusing techniques for close-up photography
  • Understanding and using depth-of-field
  • The importance of backgrounds
  • Working with and controlling available light
  • Using continuous supplementary lighting
  • Nikon flash equipment and its application for close-up photography

You will receive a full set of presentation notes, plus a video recording of the webinar to use for future personal reference; please note that copyright to all this material remains with Simon Stafford.


The cost of this online workshop will be £145 with a special price of £95 if you are a current Digital or Standard Nikon Owner subscriber or £45 if you are a Gold, Platinum or Diamond subscriber.

To register, please email your full name, postcode, Subscription number (if known) as well as your daytime mobile and landline to Katrin Ruckert:

Only a very limited number of places are available on this webinar, so please book as soon as you are able to in order to avoid disappointment. If you are not currently a Nikon Owner subscriber, would you be kind enough to make a note of this in your email – in order to receive the discount, you will be able to join or re-join Nikon Owner when we contact you to acknowledge your booking registration.

Please note that it is essential that you reply by email rather than by telephone.

Please note that it is essential that you reply by email rather than by telephone.

Webinar Requirements

A computer, laptop (Mac or Windows), tablet or phone (iOS or Android).

Internet access (Wi-Fi, ethernet connection preferred).

Speakers or headphones (audio out) to listen to the audio stream.

A webcam or microphone connected to your computer for audio input (optional, if you are using a laptop, tablet or phone these will be built in).

Even without sharing your video/audio stream you will still be able to type questions using a chat feature.

You will need to download and install an application on your computer or laptop, or an app on your tablet or phone. Detailed instructions will be sent to all attendees well before the event.

Cancellation Policy

Please kindly note that a cancellation policy applies and that unfortunately a refund or a credit towards a future event can only be provided when you give us 7 days prior notice of cancelling your place(s).


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