Nikon Owner Subscriber Jonathan Banks is Showing His Work at St. Albans Cathedral

Enrich Me With Your Difference

Long-term Nikon Owner subscriber Jonathan Banks is a British photographer with over twenty-five years’ experience in humanitarian, editorial and commercial photography. This exhibition celebrates his career of working with charitable organisations around the world and encourages everyone to look for opportunities in their lives of making a difference. The exhibition runs from Tuesday, 9th of April to Friday, 3rd of May at St Albans Cathedral North Transept, Sumpter Yard, St Albans, AL1 1BY, as part of their Artists in Residence programme with the current theme of “Charity”.

Jonathan is the longest volunteering / serving photographer for the British Red Cross, as well as photographing for conflict charities such as International Alert, refugee support organisations like Compass Collective, and many more in the UK and abroad. The photographs that he has taken for these organisations have been published around the world, won major photography awards, and been exhibited in galleries.

You can find more information on the exhibition here: Enrich Me with Your Difference | St Albans Cathedral

“Enrich me with your difference” is an old African idea that means that whenever you encounter something new – whether it is another person, place or experience – you should put together all the differences along with your knowledge, understanding and emotional response to build something positive.”

Jonathan will be raising money for some of the charities that feature in the exhibition through print sales.
To find out more about Jonathan Banks, please visit

A boy from the crowd retrieves his ball in the shadow of the armed security at the Liberia National Peace and Cultural Festival in Monrovia; Liberia; December 11 – December 13 2008



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