Tim Motion: An Eye for the Sound at the Richard Young Gallery

The Richard Young Gallery is delighted to announce the Tim Motion ‘An Eye For The Sound’ Exhibition, showing through May and June 2010. The show will display a variety of striking images by photographer Tim Motion, featuring portraits of some of the most influential jazz musicians in the history of the genre.

Signed, limited edition posters have been made to accompany the exhibition and will be sold for £12.50 each. These fantastic photographs will be exhibited until the 12th of June. We look forward to seeing you in the gallery!


Ray Charles, 1987


The unique exhibition showcases photographs of jazz icons including Ray Charles, Dizzy Gillespie, Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Bo Diddley, George Benson and Art Blakey. These arresting images provide an insight into the vibrant world of jazz, capturing its stars in their element, with the passion of their performances clear in every shot.


Al Grey at Nice Jazz Festival 1984 

Since he first attended the Lisbon Jazz Festival in 1971, Tim Motion has built an unrivalled reputation as a jazz photographer after opening a club that brought him into contact with the members of the legendary ‘Newport All‐Stars’ who defined the genre.


Muddy Waters at the Capital Jazz Festival London 1979 


“The images in this exhibition represent a selection from almost four decades in jazz photography for me, and what a time that has been. The photographs reflect a real labour of love, capturing the great musicians that I have been lucky enough to watch perform, and I am very pleased to have them on display at the Richard Young Gallery. These pictures fuse my passion for jazz music and photography, and through capturing the undeniably great performers portrayed here, strengthens my love of both. Music is, of course, something that cannot be photographed, but with these images I have sought to provide a glimpse of the magic and personality that jazz is so famous for.”

Tim Motion

An Eye for the Sound will open from 4th May 2010 to 12th June 2010 at The Richard Young Gallery, 4 Holland Street, London, W8 4LT.

Photographs will be available for purchase with prices ranging from £375 ‐ £2500.

For further information please contact:
Susan Young or Michelle Boynton on 020 7937 8911,



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