Z 9

Today Nikon announced the release of its latest firmware version 4.00 for its flagship, full-frame mirrorless camera, the Nikon Z 9.

The update introduces several new features for both still and video shooting, as well as improved operability and display features that respond to user needs.

The new Auto Capture function enables automatic shooting for both still images and video by pre-configuring auto capture criteria, including motion, distance, and subject detection. This will allow users to shoot remotely as well as shoot from a variety of angles without the need to attend the camera directly. The new feature will also be available to use with the Pre-Release Capture function for a more reliable capture of decisive moments.

The firmware upgrade further improves the video functions of the Z 9 by expanding the minimum ISO sensitivity to Low 2 in N-Log, allowing for clear expression of shadow tones. There will also be an increase in the number of options available for Hi-Res Zoom speed, offering photographers more precise control.

The Z 9’s still image shooting functions have also been updated to include superior subject acquisition performance when using 3D-tracking, enabling users to capture images of small and fast-moving subjects with greater precision. The firmware also sees the addition of an exposure delay mode to the Custom Settings menu, helping to reduce blur caused by camera shake when using a tripod or similar.

Improvements to the Z 9’s operability and display features will also be introduced, including an increase in the number of functions that can be assigned to custom controls, the addition of an approximate distance display on the focus distance indicator, and a selection of shutter release sounds that can be adjusted in volume to the specific needs.






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