Yesterday Nikon announced the release of its latest firmware: version 2.00 for the full-frame, FX-format mirrorless camera, the Nikon Z 8.

The new firmware is the Z 8’s first major update since its launch, offering users a significant improvement to their shooting – whether that be of images or video – thanks to the inclusion of cutting-edge functions also found in the Nikon Z 9 and the Nikon Z f.

Designed with bird photographers in mind, a dedicated [Birds] feature has been added to the Z 8’s AF subject detection options, increasing bird-detection performance in a variety of high-contrast backgrounds, including forests and rocky mountains and in various states – flying or perched. This enables users to produce razor sharp shorts that surpass all expectations, even for those birds that have unique appearances that are harder to identify.

Firmware version 2.00 for the Z 8 enforces new Auto Capture functionality which introduces automatic shooting for both still images and video by pre-configuring auto capture criteria, including motion, distance, and subject detection. These options can be used either separately or together, according to the user’s needs.

Additionally, the guarantee of high-resolution photos has been made possible thanks to the new pixel shift shooting function, using dedicated software to merge multiple NEF (RAW) files. This is ideal for capturing the finest details in subjects with complex designs – such as buildings and art pieces, with precise rendering of the subject’s colours, textures, and structures.

What’s more, the firmware update also offers a new Rich Tone Portrait Picture Control, harnessing the rich tones of subjects while retaining the most intricate details – essential for portrait photography. In fact, users can now assign further functions and operations to custom control and have the option to exit zoom with a half-press release which improves the general useability of the Z 8.

But the list of functions made accessible thanks to firmware version 2.00 doesn’t end there. The full list, along with access to download – free of charge – can be found on the Nikon download centre.

You can download the new firmware here:



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