Nikon launches “The Movement” – a series of short films that sees nine inspiring creators from across Europe come together to share their vision and purpose, using the new Z 8 as their artistic tool.

The creators, all from very different backgrounds but with a common passion for image making, were tasked with putting the Z 8 to the test, using the camera to bring their creative visions to life. Embarking on a bus trip along the west coast of Spain, each were given the opportunity to learn from one another whilst creating a series of images that tell the stories they want to share with the world.

The Nikon creators include wedding and fine art photographer, Frøydis Geithus, and filmmaker and director, Aurelie Gonin, whose short films are the first of the series to be released. Fine art and fashion photographer, Mous Lamrabat, documentary photographer, Esther Horvath, content creator and photographer, Wonguy, landscape photographer, Mikko Lagerstedt, and Directors and DOP team, Keziah Quarcoo and Cara Brown, joined them. Nikon Ambassador and award-winning photographer turned filmmaker Pep Bonet took on the role as storyteller, not only creating his own content, but also documenting their journey from behind the scenes.

The first of the short films features Frøydis Geithus, a photographer who is renowned for her mysterious and alternative take on wedding photography, personifying nature within her artwork. Her film explains how she used the Z 8 to channel her innate purpose and depict the abstract concept of love through wedding photography, working alongside the elements to encapsulate her ‘Nordic Noir’ style.

Meanwhile, Aurelie’s episode documents how she skilfully transforms the great outdoors into her creative playground. Aurelie recounts how she managed the pressure of setting up and capturing that “one chance” shot while rock climbing, with the Z 8. The films allow the viewer a glimpse into the inner thoughts of both photographers, and the challenges – both technical and personal – that has led them to where they are today.

The remaining episodes from “The Movement” will gradually be released over the course of the next few weeks, where viewers will be able to delve into a series of diverse and enticing topics, from fashion, to science, music videography and more.

Heidi Jales, Manager Marketing Communications at Nikon says: “We are delighted to launch “The Movement”, a series of films that not only allows us to showcase the beauty of these creators’ extraordinary work, but also highlights the profound effect it has on the world – both big and small. Our mission was to tell the moving, personal stories they each harbour, integrating the power of image-making storylines. We wanted to show how the creators are pushing themselves for self-improvement and why they want to tell the stories that they’re telling, and we are thrilled that the Z 8 is able to play such a significant role in bringing these unique, creative visions to life.”

Nikon’s limited series has been released in line with the launch of the new camera, the Z 8. The Z 8 makes for a powerful and agile addition to Nikon’s range of professional Z series mirrorless cameras. With its incredible blend of class-leading performance and compact build, the Z 8 packs a host of Z 9 features into a lightweight body, giving hybrid video/stills creators astounding flexibility with which to bring their vision to life.

The first two episodes are now available to view on Nikon’s YouTube channel. The remaining six episodes will come out weekly starting from next week.



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