Simon Stafford’s Nikon Speedlight Flash Photography Workshop, Saturday, 22nd February 2014

Simon Stafford’s Nikon Speedlight Flash Photography Workshop
Venue: Fitzroy House, 37 Fitzroy Street, London, W1T 6DX
Time: 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., Saturday, 22nd February
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Nikon’s Creative Lighting System (CLS) offers a level of flexibility and control that provides a huge range of creative possibilities for both on-camera and off-camera flash, for studio and portable on-location lighting. Simon will share his in-depth knowledge of the CLS and more than 30 years of photographic experience, so that you can achieve professional-looking results easily and swiftly using a minimum of equipment.

This half-day workshop is concentrated principally on the practical application of tools and techniques, plus it will include an opportunity for delegates to practice applying settings their own Nikon camera and flash unit(s). Please note attendance of Simon’s earlier flash seminar is not a prerequisite of this workshop.

Simon will lead you through a range of lighting set-ups for a variety of subjects using live demonstrations, so you will be able to observe first-hand how to improve your lighting techniques. Starting with a single Nikon Speedlight, he will show you how to set up, position, and control it to achieve well-crafted lighting effects that complement your subjects, before moving on to show you how you can introduce additional Speedlights and other lighting control accessories to expand your lighting repertoire.

Session 1: Understanding flash lighting and your Nikon Speedlight

Understanding a tool is essential if it is to be used effectively! In this session Simon will cover the basics of flash before moving on to take a closer look at the features and functions of Nikon Speedlights and how these integrate with Nikon D-SLR cameras. Please bring a camera/lens and Speedlight, so you can follow principles and settings as Simon works through various topics.

  • Flash lighting – an overview of how it works
  • Nikon flash mode options and what they do
  • Understand how your camera’s TTL metering for ambient light interacts with flash exposure settings
  • Learn how to control and adjust flash output level
  • Nikon flash sync options and what they do
  • Understand the Auto FP High-Speed sync mode
  • Discover how to mix light from your flash with ambient light for more balanced, natural lighting effects
  • Find out how to use the FV Lock feature for accurate and consistent flash exposures
  • Learn how to adjust the zoom head of Speedlight to refine its light output

Session 2: Working with one Speedlight

Working with a single on-camera flash does not have to be a recipe for harsh, unflattering and uncompromising lighting. Regardless of whether you use flash indoors, or outdoors in daylight, the simplest and most effective way to improve lighting with an on-camera Speedlight is to control the quality and direction of the light. Moving to the next stage, by taking the flash off the camera, enables you to direct the light at will, thereby increasing your lighting options considerably. In this session Simon will demonstrate how to:

  • Set up your camera and flash for the fill-flash technique
  • Use the bounced flash technique
  • Modify the quality of the light from a Speedlight with simple accessories
  • Take the flash off the camera while maintaining full TTL flash exposure control, using a cable connection

During this session you will have the opportunity to take some sample pictures for your own reference.

Session 3: Working with two or more Speedlights

Using a single flash offers plenty of opportunities but adding a second Speedlight will increase options and elevate the lighting possibilities to a greater level. The capabilities of the Nikon Advanced Wireless Lighting (AWL) system make working with two or more flash units highly practical and a very real alternative to using dedicated studio lighting. Simon will provide an easy-to-follow overview of the AWL, and how to use its component parts, followed by a live photography demonstration to show its capabilities. In this session you will learn how to:

  • Configure and control Speedlights as part of a wireless lighting set-up
  • Work with the AWL for effective and efficient flash photography from the camera position
  • Establish a simple lighting set-up quickly and easily using the minimum of equipment
  • Understand where and how to position a flash unit as a key (main) light, fill-light, or effect light
  • Use lighting ratios for creative off-camera lighting on both your subject and background
  • Use light modifying accessories to improve the colour, direction and quality of the lighting


“Thank you for another superb presentation; I found it extremely useful & informative. I would also like to compliment you on the impressive & informative way you deal with any ‘follow up’ enquiries following your presentations.” TA

“It was a very enjoyable afternoon, thank you. It was pitched at just the right level for me. You covered a very complex subject in a logical and simple way, you obviously put a lot of effort into preparation.” G P-E

“I wanted to say how much I enjoyed Simon’s workshop. What a depth and breadth of knowledge he has. Not only did he manage to demystify the Nikon Speedlight, but I took some good pictures too. So a big thank-you!” KJ

“Where Simon scores for me is not so much in the area of ‘how-to’ but in the ‘why’ things operate in the way they do… in short, a seriously excellent day.” JB

“I found the session extremely useful – possibly the best ever – and excellent value! I would certainly recommend it to friends and colleagues.” MA


The workshop will be held in central London, at Fitzroy House, 37 Fitzroy Street, London W1T 6DX and will take place from 2.00 p.m. until 5.30 p.m.. The cost of the session will be £155 with a special price of £95 if you are a current Nikon Owner subscriber, and includes afternoon tea. To book, please email your full name, daytime mobile and landline to:

If you are also a Nikon Owner subscriber, add your user name/subscription number to the email. There are limited places available, so do book as soon as you are able to in order to avoid disappointment, and please be kind enough to reply by email rather than by telephone as we are not able to take any bookings at all by telephone.

If you are not a current Nikon Owner subscriber, you are welcome to join or rejoin Nikon Owner when we contact you to receive the benefit of booking the course at the lower price.

About Nikon Owner:


Standard Annual Subscription – normal price: £69; special price: £59 while registering for this event

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  • A half-hour tutorial on the phone or face to face, by appointment
  • A signed copy of Heather Angel’s Wild Kew while stocks last or a Simon Stafford Nikon Magic Lantern Guide of your choice
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DISCLAIMER: With regard to any seminars or workshops including this one, held outside of the premises of Grays of Westminster and Nikon Owner, both Grays of Westminster and Nikon Owner magazine and their staff are only taking the initiative of arranging and facilitating these events on the strict understanding that they are solely acting in an introductory capacity and anyone planning to come will be deemed to have agreed that they fully understand this as a condition of enrolling and that no liability whatsoever is accepted either by any of the organisers, Grays of Westminster or Nikon Owner magazine in this regard.

Cancellation policy:
Please kindly note that a cancellation policy applies and that unfortunately a refund or a credit towards a future course can only be provided when you give us 7 days’ prior notice of cancelling your place(s).



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