Underwater Housing for Nikon’s D4 for the Olympics


Neil Lucas was a producer with the BBC’s world renowned Natural History Unit for over 20 years. During that time, he worked on many international award-winning productions, including Sir David Attenborough’s Trials of Life, The Private Life of Plants, The Life of Mammals and Planet Earth. Neil’s most recent production was the highly acclaimed BBC landmark series, Life. He produced two of the most technically challenging programmes of the entire series: Plants, about the ingenious and manipulative ways of plants, and Creatures of the Deep, about marine invertebrates, from Humboldt current squid to giant octopuses. Many of Neil’s programmes have been nominated for BAFTA and EMMY awards.

Neil is now a freelance film director and photographer specializing in the more demanding and technical shoots, using state of the art filming and photographic techniques which he has devised and for which he is recognised worldwide.

In this film, he describes his involvement in the development of an underwater housing for the new Nikon D4 for use at the London 2012 Olympics.




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