Which Nikon Camera Should I Choose…? (Continued)

As a continuation of last week’s article on the amateur range of Nikon cameras, we continue this week on the topic of the professional bodies, to give you an idea of what camera would suit your needs under various circumstances.

If I want a professional-level DX camera?

nikon_d300sThe Nikon D300S is the professional’s answer to a DX body. Some sports and wildlife photographers rather like the idea of a 12.3 million pixel camera which automatically makes your 300mm into a 450mm (approximately), due to the smaller sized sensor. This is particularly useful if you want to take advantage of the smaller sensor by putting telephoto lenses on it to give the optical illusion of a longer focal length.

As the D300S also has the capability of shooting at 7 frames per second (with the aid of a battery grip and bigger battery), and boasts a 51-point auto-focus system it is particularly handy in low-light and in otherwise difficult-to-focus situations.

For those who require it, the camera also incorporates Nikon’s D-Movie mode, allowing you to shoot video to either an SD or CF card if you wish.

Sample image taken by Mr. Geoff Moore, to celebrate ‘1000 days to London 2012 Olympic Games’, D300 at ISO200
Sample image taken by Mr. Andrew Howson, using a D300 + AF-S 105mm f/2.8G VR Micro-Nikkor

If I want a full-frame camera that would both suit
a keen amateur or a professional photographer?

nikon_d700For those who love the idea of a full-frame (Nikon’s ‘FX’ range) but are daunted by the large D3-range cameras, the D700 may be just the thing. Full-frame cameras are ideal for landscapes due to the wide-angle lenses that are available for these bodies, and the comparatively small magnesium-alloy body means that it is both robust and travel-friendly.

The D700 is renowned for its low-light capabilities with the ability to shoot at 6400 ISO with little or no quality drop-off.

Photographers, both amateur and professional alike, with a passion for high-quality photos and a versatile camera will find the D700 capable of capturing beautiful images in the most diverse situations.

nikon-d700-sample-photoSample image taken by Mr. Simon Stafford with D700, 1/125″ ISO200

If I want an FX camera that does everything?

nikon_d3sThe Nikon D3S is the answer to your prayers, if this is your criteria for purchasing a camera. Designed to suit those whose interests span from landscape and wildlife to reportage and weddings, the D3S fits all bills.

With an ISO range of up to 12,800 (black cat in a coal cellar conditions) along with a magnesium-alloy, weather-sealed casing, the D3S is capable of dealing with extraordinary conditions. For those who need it, it also has the ability to shoot up to 8 frames per second continuously. It features 720p HD movie, allowing those who wish to include some video in their projects to record high-quality movie without the need of a separate video camera and all of the above on a 12.1 million pixel sensor, which takes full advantage of the Nikkor FX range of lenses.

nikon-d3s-sample-photoImage taken by Mr. Stephen Thorpe with a Nikon D3S using available light at ISO 5000

If I want the highest quality I can get for my studio,
or for my landscapes?

nikon_d3xFor this you would be looking at the Nikon D3X. This is the mightiest of Nikon’s FX range of cameras and perfect for those who require large prints and the highest possible resolution. The D3X is the first DSLR to have featured a 24.5 million pixel full-frame sensor, which means that it is ideal for those shooting in the studio, or for the keen landscape photographers who want the highest possible quality they can get.

With Nikon’s 51-point AF system one obtains broad coverage of one’s subject, and the advanced ‘Scene Recognition System’ allows for superior exposures in varying circumstances.

nikon-d3x-sample-photonikon-d3x-sample-photo-2Images taken by Mr. Stephen Thorpe with a Nikon D3X
Above: Marlow landscape taken at ISO100 1/40″
Below: Studio portrait taken with an SB-800 on-camera and two SB-900 speedlights firing remotely

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Please do keep sending your sample images to us, including the camera and lens used and as much information as you can with them – we love featuring our readers’ photographs and appreciate every one sent.

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