Nikon Owner Magazine Celebrates Women in Photography

Nikon Owner magazine issues 79 and 80

Nikon Owner, our highly-acclaimed quarterly magazine, has launched its new series Women in Photography with a major feature on two renowned female photographers, Heather Angel and Annie Cahill. Highly respected British nature photographer Heather Angel is the author of sixty books, was the President of the Royal Photographic Society from 1984 to 1986 and the Founder Chair of the RPS Nature Group. Multi-talented photographer Annie Cahill, one-time Professional Markets Technical Representative for Nikon USA, is the Marketing & Business Development Director for Joe McNally Photography.

The new series will feature women photographers from a wide spectrum of photographic disciplines and examine their outstanding accomplishments in depth. It will explore the highlights of their careers and the reasons they chose their own specialist area of photography. They will share stories and anecdotes with us, tell us about the equipment they use and the reason Nikon is their brand of choice.

Gillian Greenwood, who has been the Features Editor of Nikon Owner for over 20 years, explains why she decided to create the series: ‘While I was researching some material for a book, I was astonished to discover that the provenance of a very early photographic study, ‘The Quillan Leaf’ (1839) was only recently found to be incorrect. Attributed initially to Henry Fox Talbot, it was not until 2015 that it was recognised as being the work of female photographer and artist Sarah Ann Bright. ‘The Quillan Leaf’ is now believed to be the earliest image taken by a female photographer still in existence. This was the catalyst behind my decision to create the series Women in Photography for Nikon Owner. I wanted to celebrate the remarkable achievements of women photographers today and also pay tribute to the exceptionally talented, but sometimes unacknowledged, photographers of the last two centuries. Each of those female pioneers was dedicated to their profession, and by virtue of their own artistic genius and their power to inspire us through their work, have left us an enduring legacy.’

Forthcoming issues will include a feature on Santha Faiia who launched her career as a photographer of ancient and sacred sites in 1990 at the Royal Geographical Society in London with her exhibition Ethiopian Trilogy, an interview with IFTA nominated film and TV director Jason Figgis talking about his ground-breaking film on the social documentary photographer Shirley Baker, who chronicled the devastating effect of the slum clearances on the nineteen-sixties communities in the North of England, and the award-winning work of travel and hotel photographer Michelle Chaplow.

About Nikon Owner magazine

Nikon Owner is a lavishly produced 60-page publication that has become the authoritative reading material for Nikon users since it was first published over 20 years ago. The editor is Gray Levett, founder of Grays of Westminster, the legendary multi-award-winning, exclusively Nikon store based in London. Nikon Owner is dedicated to bringing its readers the latest news and benchmark reviews on Nikon equipment by celebrated photographer and author, Simon Stafford, as well as inspirational articles from many of the world’s leading Nikon professionals, including Joe McNally, Moose Peterson and photographic legend Jim Brandenburg, one of the only five photographers in the world to win the National Geographic Lifetime Achievement Award. In addition, there are regular features by technical writer Becky Danese, major interviews by Gillian Greenwood, stunning images of vintage Nikon by master photographer Tony Hurst, as well as the highly popular World of Wonder series by Andrew Main Wilson as he visits each of the world’s 200 countries. Nikon Owner is also a vehicle for publishing the subscribers’ own work.



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