Alien Landscapes by David Clapp

Nikon Owner Evening Webinar:

Alien Landscapes
By David Clapp

Friday, 19th March 2021

Start time: 7.00 pm GMT
Duration: 2 hours

Please note that this event will take place as an online webinar.
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Nikon Owner London Group coordinator Michael Eleftheriades is pleased to invite you to the next Nikon Owner evening webinar, ‘Alien Landscapes’ by David Clapp, on Friday, March 19th 2021. David gave popular webinars on Images with Impact in May 2020, Astrophotography in August 2020, and Architectural Photography in November 2020. The Alien Landscapes talk was previously given to wide acclaim to Nikon Owner London Group members in September 2016.

In this newly revised talk, David will take us on his ambitious journey through the American desert in search of the unseen and the spectacular. Concentrating on otherworldly landscapes and night photography, David’s animated and thought provoking talk will uncover a trip of air punching highs and crushing lows, from sunburn, to nights of teeth chattering sleeplessness. An animated and inspiring evening not to be missed.

About David Clapp

David is a landscape and travel photographer from England.

His objective is simply to have as much fun using the camera as it is a vehicle for adventure. Miserable years of his life were spent as a creative person locked in a non-creative working world, so he engineered an escape over seven years and it worked out well.

Almost in a different life, David learned to be creative through playing the guitar and sequencing electronic music, which he translates into his images to this day. Although that may seem a little difficult to understand, it’s as near to the truth as he can put it.

David has a fascination for technology. He reads endless manuals, but unbelievable as it is, he has never finished a fiction book. His website can be viewed here:

Attendees’ Comments on David’s Previous Talks

“I thought last night’s NO was simply amazing! Thank you so much for finding someone who was truly inspirational!” PB

“Many thanks for arranging the very enjoyable David Clapp presentation. He’s a highly entertaining speaker as well as an accomplished photographer.” JT

“I thought David’s talk last night was excellent. I particularly liked the slightly less structured feel to the evening and him just explaining his photos and how he created them.” MW

“Thank you so much for organising such an amazing, interesting and varied talk by such an incredible photographer. Also, perfect for lockdown times, I felt well-travelled afterwards! We saw so many wonderful images. Inspiring.” MLB

“What struck me most was the information he imparted about his approach to his photography which he delivered with great candour. His images are so interesting and his intuitive philosophy good to understand, which encourages us all to get on and break the mould.” IH

“Just to say thank you for organising today’s Webinar, I found it most interesting, entertaining and easy to participate, I must admit that I had not seen any of David’s work before and found it inspiring, he had a very relaxed way about the subject of which he is obviously passionate about, but explained things well in an easy to understand format.” TA

“It was my first Zoom webinar, and I thought the format worked well and certainly allowed me to participate in an event that would have been impossible in person. The presentation contained lots of practical and helpful tips supported by inspirational photographs. I now feel far more able and inspired to have a go myself. An excellent evening and three hours very well spent.” SB


Webinar Requirements

A computer, laptop (Mac or Windows), tablet or phone (iOS or Android).Internet access (Wi-Fi, ethernet connection preferred)..

Speakers or headphones (audio out) to listen to the audio stream.

A webcam or microphone connected to your computer for audio input (optional, if you are using a laptop, tablet or phone these will be built in).

Even without sharing your video / audio stream you will still be able to type questions using a chat feature.

You will need to download and install the Zoom application on your computer or laptop, or app on your tablet or phone. Detailed instructions will be sent to all attendees before the event.


The cost of the event will be £12 per person, payable in advance, for current Nikon Owner subscribers and £72 for non-Nikon Owner subscribers.

To reserve your place, please click here

If you encounter any difficulties, wish to take out or renew a subscription or have any other questions, please email Katrin Ruckert on In order to receive the discount available for current Nikon Owner subscribers, you are able to subscribe or resubscribe to Nikon Owner.

Michael Eleftheriades looks forward to seeing you on Friday, March 19th!



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