Next Nikon Owner Evening Webinar

The Challenges of Shooting a Music Festival
By Michael Eleftheriades

Friday, 12th February 2021

Start time: 7.00 pm GMT
Duration: 2 hours

Nikon Owner London Group coordinator Michael Eleftheriades invites to the next Nikon Owner evening webinar, ‘The Challenges of Shooting a Music Festival’, taking place on Friday, 12th February 2021. Michael previously gave talks to Nikon Owner subscribers on Japan (16th August 2020) and Astrophotography (2nd October 2020).

In a historic north London suburb, a world class festival of music and culture has taken place every summer since 1993 at a listed local church, with the aim of raising funds for the charities of Toynbee Hall and the North London Hospice. Michael joined the team of volunteers for ‘Proms at St Jude’s’ in 2008 as a way to contribute to the local community. Little did he realise at the time its life changing potential, as he rose from junior to the festival’s lead photographer.

Michael will discuss how a simple act of giving can became a fulfilling part of one’s life, the rewards of working in a team, and the process of self-improvement as a photographer. Alongside, Michael will show the creative and technical approach of capturing classical, jazz, choral and theatre performances. A major component in recording the spirit of the festival is on capturing the public, and Michael will discuss his approach to people photography.

About Michael Eleftheriades

A Nikon Owner subscriber since 2002, Michael is an architect and photographer who fuses his particular passion for architecture, virtual reality, computer graphics and photography in the creation of large-scale panoramic imagery. He has exhibited his photographs at three exhibitions in London and lectured on panoramic creation in the UK, Europe and the United States. He is responsible for virtual reality tours and interactive exhibits at many of the UK’s leading museums, including the Maritime and Natural History Museums. Michael created the virtual tour for Grays of Westminster and has been the Nikon Owner London Group coordinator since 2007.

Subscribers’ Comments on Michael’s Previous Talks

“Thanks for perhaps your most triumphant and complete webinar ever presented, loved every minute, I hope most of the audience appreciated how good it was! When one dips in and out of other channels on photographic subjects, you soon realise how lucky Nikon Owners are.” JC

“I think you could gauge that we all thought it was an excellent presentation, all the richer because you made it personal and candidly shared your feelings with us, not at all easy as most people would find it difficult to be so open.” IH

“Thank you for your webinar which I found fascinating and very enjoyable. I have to say that I was touched, moved, and inspired by the level of your personal sharing, and I thought your photographs were amazing.” DB

“Just wanted to say what a fascinating and enjoyable talk I found your 14 days in Japan last Sunday morning. It was quite thought provoking which was enhanced by some superb photos.” KS


The cost of the event for current Nikon Owner subscribers will be £12 per person, payable in advance, and £72 for non-Nikon Owner subscribers.

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Webinar Requirements

A computer, laptop (Mac or Windows), tablet or phone (iOS or Android).Internet access (Wi-Fi, ethernet connection preferred)..

Speakers or headphones (audio out) to listen to the audio stream.

A webcam or microphone connected to your computer for audio input (optional, if you are using a laptop, tablet or phone these will be built in).

Even without sharing your video / audio stream you will still be able to type questions using a chat feature.

You will need to download and install the Zoom application on your computer or laptop, or app on your tablet or phone. Detailed instructions will be sent to all attendees before the event.

Cancellation Policy

Please kindly note that a cancellation policy applies and that unfortunately a refund or a credit towards a future event can only be provided when you give us 7 days’ prior notice of cancelling your place(s).




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