Nikon Owner North Midlands Group Photographic Outing: Crich Tramway Village

Crich, Matlock, Derbyshire
Saturday, 20th July 2013

Nikon Owner North Midlands Group Photographic Outing

Crich Tramway Village, Crich, Matlock, Derbyshire

Mike and Pat Clarke, who run the very popular Nikon Owner North Midlands Regional Group, would like to kindly invite everyone to the next photo-outing of the group, which will take place on Saturday, 20th July 2013, during the Edwardian weekend at Crich Tramway Village, Derbyshire, home of the National Tramway Museum.

Crich Tramway Village, Crich, Matlock, Derbyshire

Nikon Owner North Midlands Group Photographic Outing

The Edwardian event itself will bring to life the elegance and atmosphere of Edwardian Britain in the period 1901 – 1919, and is in itself a unique photographic opportunity. It will add its unique slant to the perfect atmosphere and visual setting of the village scene and woodland park. The authentic village scene transports visitors back in time with its cobbled streets, period shops and buildings, with the gentle rumble of trams passing by. As well as horse-drawn trams and Edwardian cars, there will be people in Edwardian dress, including suffragettes and First World War soldiers, who will be only too pleased to have their photographs taken. In addition to the outdoor activities, there are several exhibitions on the history of the tram from the first horse-drawn trams to the revolutions of the electric tram and, of course, you can take a ride on a tram out into breathtaking views of the Derwent Valley.

Meeting place:

At the entrance to Crich Tramway Village. The postcode is DE4 5DP.

Pat and Mike suggest that you wait by the entrance to the village until everyone is assembled, as the tickets will be slightly cheaper if the group is more than 10.

Meeting time:

Between 10.00 and 10.30 a.m..

There are places to eat within the village or you may wish to bring a packed lunch.


If you would like to join Pat and Mike on this photographic outing, would you kindly send an e-mail to me, Gillian Greenwood ( In addition, please add your name to this thread on the message board. You are most welcome to attend by yourself or with your family no matter where you live in the UK.

Pat and Mike very much look forward to seeing you at Crich on Saturday, 20th July.

With very best wishes,
Gillian Greenwood
Features Editor and Events & Training Coordinator

DISCLAIMER: The various organisers of these events and photo-outings together with Nikon Owner magazine are only taking the initiative of arranging and facilitating these meetings on the strict understanding that they are solely acting in an introductory capacity and anyone planning to come on any such meeting will be deemed to have agreed that they fully understand this as a condition of joining any of the group events. Some of the outings can be expected to involve travel by foot while photographing in the various locations. Each participant will be deemed responsible for ensuring his or her own safety at all times and the safety of their belongings, and no liability whatsoever is accepted either by any of the organisers or Nikon Owner magazine in this regard. In other words we shall all act reasonably, safely and responsibly and each person will join the party on the understanding that they do so entirely at their own risk.



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