Photo-excursion: Nikon Owner West Midlands Group – Baddesley Clinton Moated Manor

Nikon Owner West Midlands Group Photo-excursion to Baddesley Clinton Moated Manor, Saturday, 28th July 2012

Baddesley Clinton showing the Gatehouse BridgeBaddesley Clinton showing the Gatehouse Bridge. © NTPL/Andrew Butler

Following the very successful flash-photography event organised in Birmingham earlier this year with David Robbins from Nikon UK for the North Midlands and West Midlands Nikon Owner groups, Peter Jepson, long-standing Nikon Owner subscriber, has kindly offered to become the new organizer of the West Midlands Group. He would like to invite everyone to a photo-outing to Baddesley Clinton, a beautiful Medieval Moated Manor House which is situated between Birmingham and Stratford-on-Avon.

Meeting Place:

In the car park of Baddesley Clinton Manor House

Baddesley Clinton,
Rising Lane,
Baddesley Clinton,
B93 0DQ.

Time to meet: 10.30 a.m. for 11.00 a.m.

Anticipated finish time: 3.30 – 4.00 p.m., although obviously you can leave whenever you wish

There is a tea room at Baddesley Clinton Manor House and refreshments are available


If you would like to join Peter Jepson on this photographic outing, would you kindly send an e-mail Gillian Greenwood ( In addition, please add your name to the thread on the Nikon Owner Message Board. Further details of the location can be found on the Baddesley Clinton website; those interested in the day out should register their interest as Peter will need to inform the restaurant of the Manor House of the numbers attending so that the restaurant can be prepared.

You are most welcome to attend by yourself or with your family no matter where you live in the UK.

We very much look forward to seeing you on Saturday, 28th July.

With very best wishes,

Gillian Greenwood
Features Editor and Events & Training Coordinator

We would like to offer our warm thanks to John and Nellie Steadman who have organised very many Midlands meetings in the past for Nikon Owner subscribers in the area.

DISCLAIMER: Peter Jepson and Nikon Owner magazine are solely acting in an introductory capacity to this event and anyone booking this event will be deemed to have agreed that they fully understand and agree to this condition of booking. Each participant will be deemed responsible for ensuring his or her own safety and the safety of their property at all times and no liability whatsoever is accepted by Peter Jepson or Nikon Owner magazine in this regard. In other words each person will join the party on the understanding that they do so entirely at their own risk.



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