Nikon SB-910 Speedlight: Master of light

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 30th of November 2011 Nikon Europe today introduced a brand-new flagship i-TTL (intelligent TTL) Speedlight – the Nikon SB-910 – that replaces the highly regarded SB-900.


Nikon Speedlight SB-910

With fast, versatile and powerful, with re-designed menus and controls, the SB-910 offers extensive opportunities for on-camera or wireless flash photography. A powerful tool for professionals who demand studio quality lighting, it combines enhanced operation with an extended zoom range of 17-200mm and three illumination patterns for total control over flash coverage.

“The SB-900 cemented its position as a class-leading flash”, says Zurab Kiknadze, Product Manager Lenses, Accessories & Software, Nikon Europe. He goes on: “and now the new SB-910 is set to continue this legacy, while taking operability to the next level with improved ergonomics and more intuitive control.”

Light Control The SB-910 is a powerful portable light source that delivers precise flash exposures and seamless fill-flash performance—even in challenging lighting situations. Perfect for professionals seeking complete control over the quality of light, it offers Centre-weighted, Even and Standard illumination patterns to accommodate any shooting environment and can cover a zoom range of 17-200mm while maintaining an even light distribution. Bounce flash capability is provided through a head that can be tilted up to 90º, down to 7º and rotated horizontally through 180º to the right and to the left. The thermal protection system has been improved allowing more optimal heat detection and recycling time management.

nikon-speedlight-SB-910-mountedSmooth Operator The SB-910 boasts refined ergonomics and re-designed menus for more intuitive control, while offering the same reliability as its predecessor. Menus are clearer and the selector dial incorporates a groove so you can feel when you change settings. Illuminated buttons offer better visibility in the dark and the SB-910 includes hard cover (plastic) colour filters that are more durable and easier to attach.

Part of the acclaimed Nikon Creative Lighting System, the SB-910 is easily incorporated into multiple-flash lighting set-ups.

Major Features

  • Professional i-TTL (intelligent TTL) Speedlight: compatible with FX- and DX-format SLR cameras. Part of the Nikon Creative Lighting System, it offers total control over flash coverage.
  • Guide number: 34 (STD)/39 (CW)/31 (EVEN) (FX-format, ISO 100, m, at 35 mm)
  • Maximum guide number: 54.5 (CW, FX-format, ISO 100, m, at 135 mm)
  • Centre-weighted, Even and Standard illumination patterns: Centre-weighted mode concentrates illumination to the centre of the frame, useful when using a telephoto lens. Even mode diffuses light evenly across the frame, useful when taking group shots. Standard mode offers a standard balance of power and light distribution.
  • Multi-step auto zoom covers wide 17-200mm zoom range.
  • Refined ergonomics for intuitive operation. Boasts a large LCD screen, clear menu systems, conveniently placed controls and illuminated buttons that offer more comfortable operation in low light.
  • Automatic detection of sensor format: automatically recognizes FX- or DX-format cameras.
  • High-speed recycling time of 2.3 seconds when using LR6 NiMH batteries.
  • AF-Assist illumination: compatible with Multi-CAM 3500 FX/DX AF sensor module.
  • Bounce capability: rotates 180º horizontally to the right and to the left; tilts up to 90º and down to 7º.
  • Thermal protection system: warns of excessive heat build up during high intensity firing.
  • Hard-type incandescent and fluorescent colour filters included.
  • Automatic filter detection: Speedlight automatically adjusts the attached camera’s colour temperature settings according to the colour of the filter being used.
  • Firmware can be upgraded via the storage media in the attached camera.



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