A Journey into Time-Lapse Photography with Neil Lucas

left to right: Michael Eleftheriades, Nikon Owner London Group Co-Ordinator, with Neil Lucas

On 19th June 2010, Grays of Westminster and the Nikon Owner London Group presented ‘A Unique Midsummer Event A Journey into Time-Lapse Photography’ with Neil Lucas, producer of the acclaimed BBC ‘Life’ Series, at Fitzroy House, London.

Neil’s presentation took the audience through his career, from the moment he realised he wanted to work in television (when he saw a 1960s episode of Blue Peter explaining how it was filmed), right through to fascinating time-lapse behind-the-scenes details of the BBC documentaries ‘Life’, ‘The Private Life of Plants’ and ‘Frozen Planet’. Neil also covered the history of time lapse photography itself covering the work of the pioneers of this highly specialised field, including Dr John Ott.

About Neil Lucas
Neil Lucas worked for the BBC Natural History Unit as a producer for over 20 years. During that time, he worked on many internationally acclaimed and award-winning productions, including Sir David Attenborough’s ‘The Trials of Life’, ‘The Private Life of Plants’, ‘The Life of Mammals’ and ‘Planet Earth’. In the outstanding ‘Life’ series, he produced two of the most technically challenging programmes, and many of his programmes have been nominated for BAFTAs and EMMYs. Neil is now working as a freelance film director and photographer specialising in challenging and technical shoots, using the same filming and photographic techniques he has mastered throughout his career.



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