Free XQD Card & Reader with the Nikon D5 at Grays of Westminster

Free XQD Card & Reader
with the New Nikon D5 DSLR Body

Nikon D5 DSLR Body

Nikon are pleased to announce that a free 32GB Sony XQD G-Series (400mb/s) card and USB 3.0 card reader will be supplied with the upcoming Nikon D5 XQD version of the camera for a limited time. If you are not already on their waiting list please contact Grays of Westminster to register your interest.

Increased Trade-in Prices for Second Hand Nikon
against the New D500 & D5 bodies

Second hand Nikon equipment

When considering upgrading your equipment for new Nikon, please note that Grays of Westminster are keen to re-stock shelves with fine second-hand items and are offering higher than normal rates when trading-in towards a new D5 or D500 DSLR Body. They are also continuing the D810 & D750 trade-in bonus until January 31st 2016. It is an ideal opportunity to obtain the best part-exchange quotation.

They are keen to buy fine examples of most Nikon camera bodies as well as Nikkor lenses. For a full list please visit:

Please contact a member of sales staff for an evaluation on your equipment.



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