The Inaugural Meeting of the Nikon Owner Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk Regional Group Saturday, 23rd June

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The very first meeting of the Suffolk and Norfolk Regional Group will take place on the afternoon of Saturday, 23rd June, starting at 2.30 p.m. in Ipswich.

Michael Warren, who, since 1968 has had a very successful career in horticultural photography as a garden and plant photographer and is a long-standing subscriber to Nikon Owner, has very kindly organized this initial meeting. Michael ran Photos Horticultural Picture Library for thirty-nine years and he is now a freelance photographer, still very much involved in the subject.

During the afternoon, there will be a unique talk by Michael, which will include a discussion of the range of lenses he makes full use of for his work. This will be followed by a practical demonstration, tea and biscuits, and finally, a practical session for the attendees in the garden area.

The group will also be able to discuss how to move forward and organize further meetings, outings and events.

Please let me know by email if you would like to attend. The numbers are limited to ten delegates, so do let me know as soon as you are able to. Further details of the venue will be sent to the attendees in due course.

With very best wishes,

Gillian Greenwood

Features Editor and Events & Training Coordinator

DISCLAIMER: Michael Warren and Nikon Owner magazine are solely acting in an introductory capacity to this event and anyone booking this event will be deemed to have agreed that they fully understand and agree to this condition of booking. Each participant will be deemed responsible for ensuring his or her own safety and the safety of their property at all times and no liability whatsoever is accepted by Michael Warren or Nikon Owner magazine in this regard. In other words each person will join the party on the understanding that they do so entirely at their own risk.

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