Nikon Workshop: Nikon Capture NX2 – getting to the heart of NEF pix

A workshop by SCG regular Robert Crowther, exploring his experiences
of our much loved picture editing suite 

Saturday, 19 March at 18:00 – Duke of Wellington, 36 Bugle Street, Southampton SO14 2AH


Andy Hewson and Adrian Cochrane of the Nikon Owner South Coast Group have arranged a special new workshop. From the early stages of becoming a Nikon owner and his switch to more serious DSLR photography, Bob Crowther inevitably gravitated into using the Capture program fairly extensively. This workshop aims to share some of that digital processing experience with the group … though he emphasises this is just as a typical user and not as some kind of aspiring wannabe expert!

To fully appreciate quite why Capture NX2 offers so much to the Nikon owner, it’s necessary to retrace some fundamental DSLR principles and their relevance in our drive towards creating better pictures. The workshop will start with an overview comparing relative merits of JPEG and RAW (NEF) file formats and their relevance to in-camera processing, as well as to subsequent edits in the digital darkroom to adjust colour, tone, luminosity and resolution.

The relationship between Capture NX2 and Adobe’s Photoshop (or equivalents such as Elements or PaintShop Pro) will also be compared, particularly where the technologies of these programs overlap and where they don’t. While there are inevitable overlaps, Bob uses Capture NX2 mainly to adjust image quality and Photoshop for more serious subsequent graphic adjustments.

Exploring these factors will clarify why the unique, non-destructive nature inherent in Capture’s process is such a massive advantage for the Nikon photographer wanting to get the best from his image.

To hope to fit all of this into a couple of hours is just a bit on the ambitious side! Depending on how everything progresses, we’ve also planned to return to the subject at a future NOSCG meeting to complete anything unfinished. This will allow a further opportunity to deal with any complex Q&As that weren’t answered first time around and especially for members to present their own favourite Capture tweaks to the group. More about that later.


The Duke of Wellington, Southampton

The Duke of Wellington
36 Bugle Street
SO14 2AH

Telephone no. +44 (0)23 80339222

The Duke of Wellington is situated in the centre of Southampton, about a 20-minute walk from the railway station and located close to ample parking available at the nearby shopping centre. Visit their web site for more details.

Click here for map


There is a £2 cover charge per person attending to cover the cost of the hire of the room.

If you are planning on attending please post a message replying to the thread about the meeting on the Nikon Owner Message Board to let us know and indicate if you are planning on eating at the pub on the night:

Nikon Owner South Coast Group: March Meeting: Capture NX2

Anyone who is going to order food, please arrive by 18:00 so that all orders and dining can be completed before the start of the workshop.

Kind regards,

Gillian Greenwood
Features Editor and Events & Training Coordinator



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