Nikon signs-up Jamie Oliver to launch the new D3100

New I AM Nikon advertising campaign for the latest D-SLR features Jamie Oliver cooking at home with friends


Jamie Oliver Interview

Nikon UK, 20 September 2010 – Nikon today announces that Jamie Oliver, will feature in its latest I AM Nikon advertising campaign for the new D3100. The campaign, which features Jamie cooking at home with his friends, will be shown throughout Europe and South Africa to promote Nikon’s most easy-to-use D-SLR to date.

As well as starring in the advertising campaign, Jamie, a keen amateur photographer, has been using the new Nikon D3100 and shares his thoughts: “What I love about photography is that you can instantly capture all those important moments and have them immediately available to look back at. The D3100 is ideal for this because you can get great quality images and videos using an affordable, new generation camera that is really easy to use, has lots of extra features and gives you high-definition movies.”

Nikon D3100

The Nikon D3100 features a Guide Mode, which shows you sample images of what you can achieve using certain settings and teaches you the photography skills to get the most from a D-SLR, as Jamie explains: “The Guide Mode is brilliant, it took me 10 years to discover the photography techniques that this camera can show you in a few hours with the step-by-step guide.” The celebrity chef has also put the D3100’s full HD movie functionality to the test: “The level of video quality on this camera is fantastic and means that not only do I use it at home with my family but also as a tool for work.”

Ideal for families, the Nikon D3100 allows you to capture special moments in perfect quality, without worrying about complicated settings. Jamie adds: “I don’t just use a camera at home though, I always have one with me for work – if I go to a market and see interesting ingredients or I’m abroad and want to capture a technique or dish, I can take a picture or video and show my team at home. This can then provide inspiration for my recipes, books or the television series.”

The new advertising campaign for the D3100 includes four scenes, all of which follow the I AM Nikon theme launched in March this year. The full 30 second advert features Jamie with a little girl who is trying to copy his culinary creation, including the strap line ‘I AM Jamie Oliver Jr’. Also included in the advert is ‘I AM the extra mile’ showing a man running the marathon being encouraged on by his family, ‘I AM Marco Polo’ with professional photographer Vincent Munier taking photographs in Egypt and lastly a wedding ceremony with the strapline ‘I AM a yes’.

The D3100 is the successor to Europe’s best selling D-SLR*, the D3000, offering 14.2 megapixels, full HD movie and the popular Guide Mode, which now shows sample images of what you can achieve with certain settings. It comes in a compact, lightweight but tough body so it is easy to carry around for any outing.

The new D3100 ‘I AM Nikon’ campaign incorporates television, print and digital executions and will appear in Europe and South Africa. All advert material was filmed using Nikon’s D3S, the world’s first movie-enabled FX format camera with 720p HD Movie, including frame grab capability.

*Source: GFK, D3000 best selling D-SLR in Europe first half year 2010.



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